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To make up for the losses caused by the pandemic. Three teams of companies have submitted proposals to develop a plan to add toll lanes to parts of I 2 70 the Beltway in Maryland. The Washington Post reports. The State Department of Transportation plans to announce the winning pre development agreement in February. Under that agreement, companies would work with government agencies to develop a plan to expand the Beltway between the George Washington Parkway and the eye to 70 spur. As well as I to 70 between the Beltway and I 3 70. Maryland is deferring certain taxes for 90 days. It's to stimulate the local economy and help businesses during the pandemic. I emphasized here you're gonna have to pay your tax. Peter Franchot comfortable of Maryland, says Extending certain tax filing and payment deadlines is essentially a 90 Day interest free loan. We're talking about zero interest, loan and economic stimulus. Maryland businesses and independent contractors that total more than $1.5. Billion, Franco says. Even though this will end up being budget neutral to the state, it will be enormously stabilizing to people who are hurting. Now keep that money in their pockets. They don't have to fill out a grant application. Find full details that wt o p dot com SEARCH TAXES Christi KING w T o P News Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think Red. Good morning at 7 15. Here's Frank Hanrahan has Washington prepares for their playoff game against Tampa Bay on Saturday night. Still, questions swirling about the health of Alex Smith at quarterback Ian Rapoport NFL insider for NFL Network Tweeting on Friday night that Washington football team will have more answers in the morning, but there is a real chance quarter. Back. Taylor. Hi, Nikki ends up starting versus the buck. Sources say that's in rapid boards. Tweet. Alex Smith's Caff apparently is still sore has not loosened up. Hi, Nikki took the majority of snaps this weekend is ready if needed. We shall see. But there is quite a possibility that that will be the case comes Saturday night against Tampa Bay and Tom Brady. Meantime, Washington Right guard Brandon Sheriff voted first team all pro first washing player since 1996 to make the team. Another big hole, and the Wizards cannot get out of it. They're down by as many as 20 points, fought back, cut it down to four in the fourth quarter. But in the end the wizard's lose to the Celtics and Bean town 1 16 107 Bradley. Beal had 41 points in the laws for the Wizards, who now face off on Saturday against the Miami Heat. Frank and Rent a video be sports Up ahead after traffic and weather covert 19 vaccinations expand in Northern Virginia on Ken's office. It's 7 16 Look at that. That's really firm. I need something a little softer than that Rest. Easy to the suite number. 3 60. Smart bet you could both. Adjust your comfort if you sleep number setting it really help me fall asleep faster. Yes, by gently warming your feet, Okay, But can it help?.

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