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By definition using the word of voidance aftertax means it's legal whereas using the word evasion means it's illegal so what's the difference gascoyne says shifting profits to a low or no tax country to avoid paying higher taxes at home is tax avoidance under us law as long as you keep the money offshore that's fine eve asia would be if they were to say patriot kamani and pay it out to shareholders bought not actually pay the taxes lawyer george turner is with the tax justice network a research an advocacy group focused on tax havens and offshore finance he says sometimes the difference between avoidance and evasion is not so black and white you may be kind of a vangere vary latter of the law above of the spirit of the law and the revelations of the paradise papers may push officials to crack down on those grey areas i'm amy scott for marketplace president trump as we know prods himself on being dealmaker in chief including as we learned day arms sales to foreign militaries today on the japan leg of his asian trip the president said the japanese could shoot north korean missiles out of the sky when they buy quote lots of additional military equipment from the united states that would bring the president said in this is also a quote a lot of jobs for us whether those jobs actually materialized following the sales is a whole nother thing those marketplace's scott song report from wash there's nothing new about framing arms sales as job creation it's one of many selling points along with diplomacy and military coordination with allies the thing is sales do not always equal more american factory jobs sometimes it's like the iphone designed in america assembled somewhere else in today's case by the japanese says mark can't see on at the center for strategic and international studies they developed a japanese version of the effort an and manufactured domestically united will provide engineering support from opponent but martyrdom in fact print done in japan still this president actively cheers arms deals to japan in this case in an a pass trip to saudi arabia and when this comes from the commander in chief it can can move.

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