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A gun i don't think i could ever fire a gun at some one or toot someone's life that sounds too overwhelming for me but the thought of helping a family you're helping someone who has loved one that is lost their life to kind of figure out what happened there i know it sounds like a 14yearold boy no but i'm kind of a 14yearold boy in third year olds body so i think w fascinating i think that uh i could be happy with a career as a park ranger something like that you know being very isolated and being in touch with nature that's i think where if few almost centered what i'm not on the road is one of them by myself flicked a grove of redwood's and spending some more time with that would be a welcome a welcome thing my life i could see being really great burger yeah got to protect the squirrels okay what is the hardest part about your job that no one knows i think probably one of the hardest parts is just not having that idea of stability in your life you sort of have few expect the unexpected and accept huge lifestyle changes on a moment's notice and just move beyond that and roll with the punches what about you then maintaining the ability to sing not much especially with magic drawings a lot of dynamics singing it it it's really difficult and i also have to autoimmune diseases and gloves in spondylitis and host of card is excellent superstar died on the road based grade vegetables and fish chicken for some people i know that they already choose that died on their own but for me i i ever tom izzo burn wooden something you far you now completely regret burn well not being on an anti inflammatory diet like dan as soon as we got done with our 15hour bus ride yesterday i ran into the nearest diner and got agency lucy you the famous of minneapolis hamburger with the cheese he's on the inside also some parmesan cheese tator todd's and some barbecue chicken nachos and i haven't decided which one of those i regret but certainly all three was was too much that sounds so good era now then you when did you first realized that music could be an actual career for you i don't.

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