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Blood Thanks a lot. Yeah. Take it easy, man. Dingo. Real 92 3 new home for hip hop in standing up to racism and racial injustice in the black and brown community. Big Boi's neighborhood D J. Pick one is up in here you're making 50 makes whatever it wants Already Wednesday like that. Here we go. I got that Drake little dirt laugh now cry later, then we're gonna do some pop smoke 50 Cent and Roddy Rich with the Wu both coming up in this Miki 50 mics, and I'm gonna go ahead and see if I can give someone their $1000 big boy bankrolls stimulates check right now We're looking for Jeremiah Dixon from West Hills. Jeremiah Dixon from West Hills. Jeremiah. Addiction from West Hills. You got 20 minutes to call us up so we could hook you up with your $1000. Big boy. Bankroll stimulus check once again, Jeremiah. Dixon from West Deals hit us up a 662468923 Big Boi's neighborhood. Oh, no. Jeez. Can't while a body by those cool? Yes, he don't Jeff what she wants she gets there. That's getting young bones. This my favorites, So I'm gonna make it the stuff you wanted. Don't kill Jesse's fine. Every will come apart. No, Roscoe. Night wrong. I'm trying to help. Thank you. Tell who's only been that fit this well. Don't try and hit a home filled with two girls. Famous condo got all freaky. Hey, you want me to squeeze? You think I don't panic?.

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