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News ninety two threes. All right. We're continuing to cover the story of Arizona. State Representative David stringer. You know, if you listen to this show, you're pretty familiar with this guy. Unfortunately, unfortunately, he got reelected in November. He's a racist. This is a guy who goes around saying there's not enough white kids. There aren't enough white kids in Arizona schools. He he doesn't think African Americans blend in they just looked so different. His character is despicable. But I never thought that he was the dude that maybe it watch child pornography in the eighties because that's what we found out today. David stringer was charged with multiple sex offenses including child pornography when he lived in Baltimore in one thousand nine hundred eighty three that's from the Maryland state court records, somehow somehow he got his records. Expunged? I don't know how he did it. The lawyer. I understand figured out the I guess the way to get it done. He was he was convicted of this and he pled guilty. That's a good question. Was he convicted or did he just plead guilty conviction means that you go through a trial? So what's interesting is that David stringer has now twelve news is tweeted out that he he he texted a reporter and said resigning over a thirty five year old allegation for which I was not convicted, and which was expunged would set an incredibly bad precedent? Meaning I'm not going to resign. Okay. So if he was on the show right now, I would say did you watch child pornography? Yes. Or no. He may say, no, okay. He may have been in possession. It may have been manufacture, we know necessarily ally. But he's a lawyer. He's going to parse every word you say he may say why didn't watch it. I just made it or something like that some ridiculous. You know sentiment the same thing. I mean if he was around. Whatever. However that is he pled guilty to sex offenses, correct? Five of them five of them. Yeah. And he's not a convicted sex offender. He doesn't have to register because he got it expunged. So what he's saying is. I don't think this is a good idea. The people chose me, and I'm going to serve I don't know. Why it just doesn't all the governor has called for him to leave the GOP leader of the house has asked him to step down resign. And he's it looks like he's not going to allow he's not going to write right yet. Maybe they start what they did with Don shooter. Maybe they start something up against him. And basically say we're only going to give you one more shot, man. And if you blow it we you're done we're gonna vote to boot you out. I think that if the governor and the speaker of the house comes out and says you need to leave. I think that's a good first step because it gives him the opportunity to leave. It's the easier way. Yeah. To you can throw that out there and say you have a chance to walk out now. I haven't heard anybody say, but if you don't we're going to force you see the next week that maybe next week. I have not heard that yet. So you can ask someone to resign. And maybe they will. And it saves you a lot of aggravation. Correct. But as you said, maybe this is going to go down the. The shooter was his name Don shooter on shooter who was sexually harassing women for years. And remember what JD Manar did JD Meszaros? And he was then speaker of the house. Yeah. Yeah. He basically said I'm gonna give you like censure or something like that. And Don shooter did something that morning were mesmerized was like, okay, you're done. You're done here. Maybe maybe stringers going down that road or maybe string is going to get another opportunity. Okay. Man. We're giving you another shot. And maybe he blows it again. I remember we had Meszaros said he was going to give him one more chance than I remember telling him, I go, I go he's gonna screw screw it up. Of course, any did you should just get rid of him now and the very next day. Yep. Of course, something happened and Messner and had to get rid of them. Immediately. I don't think you give this is different though. Because I another chance this is different in the sense that Don shooter was horrible to women, but he wasn't convicted he was interact. He's not a felon. He's not what he was never in a court of law. This guy was accused he pled guilty. But had it expunged. I think this is a totally different circumstance. I think you can start, you know, getting your colleagues together down at the legislature and saying we can't stand for this. We have got to vote him out. It's too bad. This didn't come out November. Because you would think Prescott would vote this guy out. Yeah. But but the people of get knew that this guy said a bunch of racists crap and they voted him in. Yeah. Right. Now, you're talking child pornography you talking to different level a different level random racism is bad enough. And now he has he pled guilty to those.

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