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Going to various places the Chinese go to and now I know that it's all over the world and it's called an official pandemic and we need to be careful absolutely take precautions wash your hands down to the store cover your mouth when you cut you some people still don't cover their mouths when they cough it's it's it's their bed raised our flex on your model by the way your mom had batteries you probably a bad reason you are cover your mouth when you cough amp and say yes Sir no Sir yes ma'am no ma'am and say please and thank you okay okay and open the door for girls now on the whole thing about the this virus was going with this is it's bad news of course it has flu is bad news this one tends to hit the what the I don't again I'm not a medical expert but everything I read it really whales on the lower parts of the longs a histological longs gets in the villa packs them down with some kind of crowd like cocking and that will not allow the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen and then you die so this new drug parent Lee blows that stuff out of their mixes of the virus can't get into those those error second packets were over there there and that's why this local or whatever it's called and Zee pac supposedly is not a miracle drug but drugs that work they've been around forever both of their both prescribed drugs by doctors the core or whatever it is whatever about a blank on the name now US senator Patrick Colbeck what's the name of the drug I can't remember thanks for clients thank you that drug has been up for Scrabble for malaria for ever your doctor could write a script for it right now if there were some on the shelves that's a problem you can't get it now but it's easily prescribed anyway well you I know the big cynic in me by the way just be where it could have been a lot of people trying to group it because it is readily available and it's been out there for fifty years yep and there's a lot of drug manufacturers that would love to push their new drug which costs a heck of a lot more will make more money than something that they don't have any patent rights there yeah there's always money to be made in shortage and the cynical perspective is that's what the whole game is about I don't buy that all the time but I know that figures and and as I said before the break this is playing beautifully beautifully into United Nations meets the council on foreign relations hands hundred percent yeah this is an ideological battle and it's one that in the wake of election results snowflake responses everything will receive as a national snowflake epidemic or everybody wants to wrap themselves up in plastic bubble wrap and that's just not the way the world is there killed you cannot me which they want to do for Salt River the portrait of ureteral left a bumper sticker live simply so others may simply live what that really meant a shot America down boom they're doing it yeah I think Ben Franklin put it best those willing to give up essential liberty for for security deserve neither and were in that case where that is not just a cute little quote it's actually and eight frames the debate today and we we have to be we'd like you said we have to take up precautions we need to do things like wash your hands follow the CDC guidelines that are out there things that will not only prevent covert nine team but also prevent something else that killed more people call before it we gotta go off and take reasonable proportionate steps towards that but you'll notice that the governor last time I checked it shut down there that what the state home orders seven out of the H. R. I. democratic governors B. B. eight is the governor from Ohio which is a never Trumper and so for me there is a political bias to the actions that are being taken everything every every aspect of this is been politicized every at the virus has been weaponized this whole campaign against of the weaponized by the socialists are present yeah absolutely so yeah one example this and and I'm I am your employer because this is a policy that is that's been in place for decades that directly impacts where we are right now and and our ability to go off and fight back and it feels with this horrible certificate of need policy in general people even know about I didn't know a lot of work on the legislature but here's the deal in our health care system you know we have escalating healthcare costs all over the place it actually ties in with our escalating auto insurance because fifty percent of our costs are auto insurance deal directly with health care costs she and so what they put into the system decades ago was something called certificate of need policy which means that if a business wants to open up a facility with a certain number of possible bad they have to go to the government and say mother may I and ask them whether or not it's okay for them to open up a certain number of hospital beds in the region and they get told whether or not there's a need this is central planning this was the second I don't know we'll pass that too quickly what is the what was the logic behind making that happen in the first place it's because they think people are getting too much service they set that date there the basic gist of this is that they're worried about people taking advantage of the healthcare services when they don't really need it and hospitals will make the argument that it actually drives up costs not to constrain the number of hospital beds well I anybody you'd had a rudimentary understanding of market economics knows that we're not going crazy for **** we're seeing a note cosco conservatives receive news a group get you every time you kill them the shelves or that of a hospital Zacks so where are we with that now are we still being denied access to house yeah because of this absolutely and it's not just hospital bed to mean everything do with MRI machines and you know DJ and it talks about how he's going to first woke me up to this a long time ago talking about how they constrained the number of MRI machines you can have in a given area that inflates the price so that they can charge more well I have reviewed I remember with our lovely was the time we were in Orlando Florida and I remember one component of that visit was with a guy named overt Roy overdrawn all the current yeah yeah and and I had him on the show shortly after that he talked about how that that the case that always stuck me right just slam me like a hammer was a bag of saline solution which sells for like what is a hundred twenty Bucks cost twelve cents to make yeah that's not directly related to to get a need it's the same idea as a driven up yet hello do you the inflated cost of everything because all absolutely when you hide the cost the actual cost of receiving the services you're automatically inflating the price because you were lemonade that market control which is the consumer purchasing a good and need to they're going to determine whether or not that there's adequate value for them to cough up their hard earned money the bottom line is right now one look forward pass this because I'm sure this is gonna be one heck of a glorious spring getting outdoors for everybody here and I hope it's one heck of a lot of celebratory Easter celebration here wait a minute this is a solid gag census on rags will go around with crutches more poured Sir yeah yeah I want to get rid of focus and I'm being proactive and perhaps preventing the next pandemic issue and our legislature right now should be out there pushing for the repeal of stupid need filling Gretchen gets up there and said we have to go off and keep everybody in their house because we don't have the capacity in our health hospital system to deal with it well then do you want that right now by by opening the doors and increasing the capacity that healthcare system and let the market drive by our health care system again in that state this is you're talking business nationwide not just Michigan where this is going on correct federal government passed a law that enabled certificate of need legislation at the state hello Frank I don't know what a thirty eight arrived to go off and do that in the first place today in an article one section eight do they do they do they do this in Kansas Montana and same thing I don't know all have a presentation I did awhile back a couple years back at the heritage foundation on the need to repeal this way over their work then you can return crew and we're pushing for the need to repeal this and the I don't remember all the states that were impacted I focused on Michigan in our in our history now we start out let's start off with things like hospital beds and one in the nursing home bad then went into all these other areas which were you can see the ticket costs are completely out of out of control and and all traces back to the stupid certificate.

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