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To join us next hour mr after will end graham hey i tell though is that i am i wish they would have that doggone thing exactly your and my show but you know it is what it is i'll talk to will yeah he'll change it no doubt sounds good say thank you mike we'll talk to you next hour thank you they leverage it all right mike lambert from the shine shout out and about at hunt valley horsepower at the hunt valley town center goes on until ten lee in baltimore is on the line hey mr lee hey how you doing i'm doing great sir good to talk to you that's very congratulations for because first i on listen to this program raising mielke's joke everything appreciate appreciate that so we you know we the doing this now twenty one years plus while just just just give of america i'm glad to have you call yeah on a low guy has a question i have so far refused shown energy okay uhhuh on a i need to replace a fire one is done much lose leg so i wanted to be the diet comes we lose 25 uh fifty seventeen yes five i'm wondering we'd be okay discards low ivc i race at least two fifty five and fifty five fifty igf would it 235 55 leave you can you could do that you have to also of course if you to do that but keep in mind that 10 10 slightly affect your any loss breach system and also your speed opener there is going to be a slight affect my recommendations would be not to do that i don't think you're really going to see a major difference between the fifty in the 55 but i would i would stick with the factory tire size now there's a brand i recommend called hankuk if you're worried about price that is something that will definitely help y'all hankuk as a little less than some of the other tires other like michelin and good year and borelli and things like that but i felt something like that whatever fi cocaine five and he's as is.

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