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Let you of energy the gas that pumped open your blood vessels is highly unstable it's called nitric oxide and very easily if converted the something extremely toxic quote peroxy nitrate peroxy nitric is you aches and pains that make you feel miserable great she'd work sh by balancing and protecting the nitric oxide the nitric oxide is done stable and it can pump open your blood vessel walsh and your blood move more freely through a lot of the studies that have come out from places like yale university university of california davish their based on the ability of the grapeseed to help pump open your blood vessels for improved circulation they're not all based on that some of them are based on the antioxidant activity we'll get to a show here's some studies on circulation grapeseed is great for circulating a use of all the tunnel of keep people's arteries clean in their heart i usually turn to help uh uh improve blood flow to the legs in the arms in the brain so here's the study um and women who have swollen feet shwoing cabs swollen legs as from the journal uh the journal of science and food and agriculture which is really good your anna they gave them grapeseed every day for two weeks and it reduced the volume of fool would that was coaltion shwoing in the election in other words their feet near ankles inner cabs they were going back to normal effect i found that grapeseed helps people who get these vague grants from their legs at night when they're trying to sleep i found grapeseed helped prevent broken blood vessels and alleged it they call schneider veins it looks like a spiderweb i find that gracia this hop over capillary fragility you know people bruges usually though he isn't even all more rachelle unhinged odi it's women who had brushed cancer surgery there were treated.

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