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Up fewer so we can even tell these do yes. Something tells me though that it's going to know is going to close the gap a little bit on that point spread. I sure hope. So with my prediction i am planning on that. Okay well stick around till the end of the episode to learn about carter's prediction all right. So let's talk about some of the keys to why we think clemson is going to win this game and some of the things. I'm not so much again worried that they're not gonna win this game so probably keys is the wrong phrase us instead. Some of the things that we're going to be looking for in this game that we want to see and the first one for me is that finally it seems like almost the entire defense as healthy at this point lane is zanger's will be out but other than other than our starting safety and zander's than i think most of the defense. It appears is going to be with us in healthy on saturday. Which obviously is a great sign especially after last week which we talked about how that defense came out and dominated the game and it felt like it was the first time in a very long time even though they were still missing players that they felt hole. And that was mostly on the defensive line. And it's really good that we're getting a back this game because we're going up against The best one of this running backs in the country of athletic quarterback as well and oftens of line in virginia tech that actually grades out as the fourth best according to pro football focus so all signs point to the fact that virginia tech is gonna run run. Run your boat gently down the stream and so it's good that we have this defensive line back but i've been talking about for the past few weeks it's really time now for clemson to build that chemistry and listen. It's the last regular season of the of the season. I i literally cannot believe it. The season's gone by so slow but so fast and we're already here like this. Is your team at this point. These guys heading into the acc championship heading into the college football playoff. Who are either gonna win you the the championship or they're not like they're this. Is your team at this point. We don't wanna worry about. I'm sorry to frank lanson josephine god. All these guys who are injured we. It's it's time that the guys that we have step up that they build some chemistry that they show up and that a dominate the games like they need to and so. I think this is going to be a good and important test. Especially in the ron and as we've seen throughout this season clemson has always been good against athletic. Quarterbacks course we played steve young earlier this season. so you can't blame them for that I forgot about that. Brennan armstrong of virginia. But as dab elected com steve young and then shoot. Who did they compare. Lamar jackson to era the compared to lamar jackson. I forget who heard the miami cornerback. Yes yeah. I think you're right to lamar jackson. So they algebra his name dear king yes okay yes so anyways against those guys running plays then in book. Who of course is faster than you want him to be as they described him and he had some success as well scrambling so the quarterback for virginia tech. Hinton hooker isn't really a passing threat honestly. Virginia tech actually has a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. But you know everything. That i was reading was complaining about the offense coordinator and how he doesn't know he's totally unqualified to run the offense. He doesn't know how to use their talent things like that. So it doesn't appear that they're passing game is in any you know such condition to be afraid of and so this is really just going to be. Can the clemson defensive line. Stand up to this. Really good offense ally in from virginia tech. Yeah i think. I'm thinking. I'm hoping actually that coming off gets pittsburgh and with everyone healthy. It's it was encouraging to see that. I'm thinking that they're gonna have momentum going into this game it'll be good for them to It was a little bit easier against pitt to get some of that momentum back in that chemistry like you said going into this game against virginia tech but honestly throughout that game it was just really encouraging to watch that as i'm really excited about this game against virginia tech. I think they're gonna come out even stronger now after a full week of practice. If as far as i know they had a practice without kobe restrictions. Yes yes but the chemistry. I think even just one week i think it will be a big deal for them and going into this game. I think it'll help out a lot. And i'm really looking forward to it. Yeah we'll see I mean this is definitely the game where you want to start building momentum heading into the post season while we have to. I mean this is like you said next up is notre dame so i guess it's it's important to point out that clemson wins us game there in the acc championship and actually having clinched yet. If they lose the miami. And if miami wins than miami will be in the of clinton's losers who cares about the rest season we will forever postponed this podcast. How will that yes. I will bet our podcast that they win this game. The next key that we have The second key we're looking for in this game we didn't even talk really before the podcast. But we both at the same thing. Basically we wanna see. Trevor lawrence come out here and just obliterate this virginia tech defense. We want him to put up a heisman type game. We want six hundred yards passing ten touchdowns. Okay maybe not that much. But why stop there. Six hundred yards. No joke like we want to see. Trevor lawrence come out and just obliterate this new take defense put up the stats show. What he's got no more taking it easy. We just want all out. This is where we show everything especially with trevor lawrence. We want to see as may touchdowns as possible running up that score. Who cares about virginia tech. We're up by sixty with a minute left. We're not kneeling the ball. You better hope. Trevor lawrence is going to be in that game one touchdowns still. That's what we want to see. I could not agree more and this week has been kind of funny because dabo sweeney came out and said that any you know logical people would realize trevor lawrence is the best player on college football and he says irving of winning the heisman and of course clemson twitter and social media has also brain the hashtag. Trevor for heisman i mean. How catchy is that. Come on how could he not win the heisman with that. Catchy little hashtag. But there's you know they're trying to drum up some momentum because they realize that it's sort of sort of. It seems that the heisman is out of reach for trevor lawrence. At this point. Which i talked to will or as i talked about before at the top of this podcast. And he seems to think that it's also out of reach and less. Trevor lawrence throws six touchdowns against notre dame in the sec champion which is possible. It's it's totally possible. I mean who knows it can happen. So here's what i would say though. Is that these narratives change on a dime. I mean how many weeks did it take. Trevor lawrence.

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