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Prostate cancer Needless chorizo is coming to the menu at chipotle Mexican grill Michael castner reports the popular chain restaurant is offering it for a limited time among the ingredients in it include P protein Spanish smoked paprika and chipotle peppers It was tested in Denver and Indianapolis this past summer It's also the first new meatless protein chipotle has offered since 2014 I'm Michael kosner One of the rarer births for any parents occurred New Year's Eve in Salinas California where twins were born just minutes apart but in different years Friday night at natividad medical center a baby boy named Alfredo was born to Fatima madrigal in Robert trujillo barely 15 minutes later at midnight Alfredo's sister Eileen was born making them twins but with birthdays in two different years I'm Brian chuck And I'm Doug Kushner Bloomberg world headquarters in New York Let's check this hour's top business stories on the markets A measure of manufacturing in China among small and midsized businesses rebounded in the month of December Production and sales increased however employment remained weak the Tsai Sheen China PMI rose to a reading of 50.9 that's up from 49.9 in November the December reading is the highest level since June and ends two months of contraction AT&T and Verizon say they have agreed to a two week delay to roll out their latest 5G technology This extension was sought by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the FAA critics are saying the risk of this new 5G wireless service could interfere with the so called C band of spectrum used for aviation In the U.S. session we had shares of Apple rallying to a record high the company reached a market cap briefly that was above $3 trillion Apple is the first U.S. corporation to achieve this milestone although it did fail to hold above that level through the end of U.S. trading We had a rally in semiconductor stocks in the states on signs of robust demand the November sales data from the semiconductor industry association was stronger than expected and topped historical trends We had the Philadelphia semiconductor index rising 2% and OPEC and its allies are expected to add 400,000 barrels a day to production beginning in February the group will meet on Tuesday We check markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg We've got a rally in Japanese equities the KK higher by 1.4% in Sydney the ASX 200 ahead 1.7% in Seoul the Cosby down three tenths of 1% in Hong Kong hang sang weaker by three tenths of 1% and the Shanghai composite weaker by half of 1% Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts This is Bloomberg This is Bloomberg law Some complicated international law issues here What kind of docket is chief justice Roberts fixing Interviews with prominent.

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