Chicago River, Eisenhower, Ryan discussed on WBBM Evening News


Weather update. Now sponsored by the Berman auto express store. Here's abbie. Ryan lakeshore drive. Definitely stinks right now. They have shut down that bridge over the Chicago river for some maintenance tonight. It looks like that's definitely the northbound side. If you're on the Edens. It's nineteen either way Kennedy out the airport. You've got a twenty minute ride twenty back in the O'Hare dissensions. Okay. Eisenhower outbound clear inbound thirty one minute ride racing to the Jane, burn. It's eighteen coming in from Mannheim starting at midnight congress Parkway now known as I to be wells closed with roadwork on the westbound side of the Eisenhower right before it until five AM tomorrow morning. This includes that westbound entrance ramp from lower Wacker to Stevenson in a route thirty the Ryan out tonight. Fifteen inbound fifteen fifty seven looks great your Bishop Ford outbound that earlier crash Sibley exit blocking the right lane of the ramp. Lakeshore drive. Southbound earlier crashes Jackson now cleared northbound is a mentioned jammed, bowel bowed. The Chicago river lanes are blocked off there with that nighttime maintenance and bridge testing going on you can use Columbus as an alternate to get around that instead get back onto lake shore drive northbound past the river, the Thais stay tollway and the rest of the toys R. Okay. Except for the Reagan westbound so protein that Aurora toll plaza with some ongoing roadwork I ninety four in northwest, Indiana. Westbound west heavy delays on the. The westbound side with a crash in vehicle fire all lanes to right before state road to forty nine are blocked. Police are on the scene diverting traffic off at two forty nine..

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