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Twenty six degrees sunshine in Boston at seven thirty good morning I'm Charlie Bergeron here's what's happening Massachusetts announcing its second death related to the corona virus pandemic the department of public health as a woman in her fifties from Middlesex County who have been dealing with pre existing conditions has died more than five thousand two hundred residents of Massachusetts have been tested for covert nineteen by the state public health laboratory and commercial labs and of those five hundred twenty five people have tested positive as to choose its governor Charlie Baker yesterday at the state house I want to remind folks that is the testing numbers go up that is the criteria by which you can be tested expands we certainly expect that we'll see an increase in the number of positive test cases as well the governor also announcing yesterday more than three hundred at day care sites will open tomorrow more to follow the rest of the state's child care facilities have been ordered to shut down to help prevent spread of the corona virus Baker says the drop in sites are reserved for those who must report to work including hospital workers grocery store employees the governor says these sites should be used only as a last resort volunteers going to neighborhoods in Boston handing out pamphlets with information on cold it at nineteen WBZ's Kevin Coleman reports before handing out pamphlets on the corona virus volunteers meet at Clemente field with gloves and plenty of hand sanitizer as they get set to keep the neighborhood informed well it's it feels good to be part of trying to do something helpful I heard from Tim who's been volunteering all morning I think that's super.

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