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You're listening to the best of the Mark Levin show. Happy thanksgiving what do Jake tapper wolf Blitzer? Allison cammarata. Don lemon. Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski, Chris Matthews. And Rachel Maddow all have in common. Other than being left wing cooks. Not one of them has gone south of the border to determine the makeup. Of the parade. One of them is even going to Tijuana. And yet all of them. Claim. That when Trump talks about this despite Trump being the president getting intelligence from homeland security getting intelligence from ice in the border patrol getting intelligence from our military getting intelligence from the Mexican government that what's going on down. There is not very pleasant, and that there may be hundreds of criminals and gang members and so forth. Every one of these people claim to be a reporter or to be reporting or to be analyzing the news, they're nowhere near the action. Nowhere near the action. Brian Stelter is not there. Call Bernstein's not there yet. They questioned the president. They attacked the president. And they call him a racist. Who else hasn't been there? And isn't there? Jim acosta. I want to challenge you, Mr President on excuse me reporter asked, you know, I want to challenge you Sarah in more ways than ninety saying. Isn't it true that you're a racist? And a bigot. Pretty much what he was asking. Hey, freedom of the press. Let's all circle the wagons. Guys a maniac? And yet that's exactly what's going on south of the border in Tijuana. The officials they're the people do not want these people in their community. Now. I know they're not white supremacists. I know they weren't raised white privilege because they're not white. Tinos? And how is it that Trump gets thirty to thirty three percent of Latino vote. And you wouldn't know it. Because tapper and Blitzer, and what are the other reindeer called? Anyway, Chris Cuomo Scarborough Brzezinski and the rest of them don't go and talk to that thirty or thirty three percent. Why is that? If they claim to know who they are. And what they are. Around the country. Millions of Americans are turning up the furnace for the first time and then spending a week freezing at night. Why because they neglected to change out their air filters and their system failed..

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