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There was no secret collusion you know having said that he's certainly seemed to open to the idea the trump tower meeting with don jr where he said you know crazy email from this british promoter who says hey remember that thing about how the russians are going to help your father get elected i've got some dirt for you and don jr emails back if it's what you say it is i love it especially later in the summer but then there's no follow up as far as we can tell you know it seemed like it was a meeting on false pretenses by these people who are trying to get the magnitsky act sanctions lifted and it's not clear what their connection was to the russian government i think that the trump people were disappointed because they were expecting some better than god which was stuff related to bill browder who's a former hedge fund guy who's been funding and leading these efforts to sanction the russians because his lawyer was killed in mysterious circumstances years ago in russia so it's murky but i think people have really gotten ahead of their skis so there are lots of reasons to doubt of strong version of the collusion argument so blake i think we're in lockstep on this i too believe that the russians i don't know if they were trying to effect the election as much as they are trying to cause chaos distrust i mean that's their own words they they are trying to pitted against each other and destroy us from within i mean the enemy has to come from within for us to really fall if you believe abraham lincoln a house divided against itself can't stand and we're doing a nice job at that and we're doing great we're we're we're we're doing that expertly america's number one number one of that the the the do you see a willingness in the press to find the real answer which to me is the real answer is russia is real trouble and if we don't pay attention and we don't start doing things that we need to do they are going to get better at this and and and and hurt us as we did them in the nineteen eighty s and early nineteen nineties do you see a willingness in the press on either side to stop making this about hillary clinton or donald trump and make this about the russians and what they're trying to do to us why you know i think it's hard to generalize about the press there's lots of reporters who are trying to dig into the facts of the investigation and you know there's opinion folks that are trying to make score political points on one side of the other all the time i i do think there is a real bipartisan concern out there about how to stop the russians the next time around but nobody's really talking about the point that you made which is that the reason they were able to have any success and it's hard to say what kind of success they had and how how do we measure what what the impact of their efforts was we are so divided as a country we're tearing each other apart every day people are sharing fake and misleading news all the time and because the partisan divide had gotten so wide and so deep in this country it's like child's play for a country like russia and manipulate us i mean when you see what they when you when you see what they did they took positions on on what was it right after the election they did a not my president and a celebratory you know bro donald trump party both in new york city they took the side of the cops against black lives matter and against the cops with black lives matter i mean that's all they were trying to do is to get us to the extreme to argue with each other and hate each other yeah and they they're doing a bangup job of it i mean remember that people talk about how michael flynn went to that russia today gala dinner in moscow yeah what guess who is there jill stein the green party candidate and she's never really adequately explained what she was doing there and then you have lots of evidence including the indictment that russians were trying to help bernie sanders and boost his campaign during the election so you know you have to keep in mind that vladimir putin is a completely amoral guy doesn't really have an ideology other than putin ism and you.

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