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Returns to the Wisconsin union theater. Play circle on Sunday February seventeenth at seven thirty pm hailed internationally for his songwriting as well as his thirty plus recordings with numerous Grammy nominations. John is a force info. Lpomusic with impressive skill on a dozen different instruments coaches shows provide an unexpected intimacy a conversation emotion. This performance is attributed to Pete Seeger's one hundredth birthday folk legend who similarly use musical storytelling for societal, commentary and change. John mccutcheon plays. The Wisconsin union on Sunday February seventeenth at seven thirty pm. You are listening to w nine point nine FM, Madison, and w RTFM dot one. Jumaa? You do. You. These stars. Outstanding. Spread molly. Sky. You are the. Endured. Koizumi? Hand. Five. Spills. Your. Two. Today. Didn't spoons Stu lap. A. Shit. Right. Stores. Lovely. Scott. Okay. His night is called. As he. The. Towards the. How come? She's. Two. In her. She. As. Signed up. C day one. They climb. Us to. Have no. That they'd be taken by. Too soon. Second. No. But what if she? Is this? My darling. There is no reason. Fine. As we love as we. Good. There is no reason. There is no reason why does we? Venus? But. It's just a to soon. Second the full. Those. A second laid sing. Love as just a moment. Norris. Second the. Who's that? Same. Try. See, I know. Even less. So I. Ooh. Two. Who? What if? What if I?.

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