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Everyone was the most driving distraction that you've either witnessed or you've done yourself. 1, 802 831 on 1.53, 18 and Jersey Fast traffic. Getting word of a new problem on 78. This will be in the West fans out of 78 heading out the lambing 10 years. You're 26. It's a crash traffic is starting to build coming up from Timothy seven. This report responsible. I N J. M insurance group and JM insurance has been right number one of the nation and customer satisfaction with the auto insurance claims experience, according to J. D Power is that N j m dot com for your free quote today? N j m dot com Traffic on Route one could slow down around Edison Little More so than usual, there is a problem with water made repairs nearby on Wooding Avenue between Old Post road and rude one, so that may have some ripple effect into that spot, doing pretty well along to 37 so far a parkway traffic overall, not Dad. Nine has been slow down just a bit coming in tourism and Al Open how and especially in towards liquid Out there across the Hudson Term River's New Jersey traffic North. Jill Myron, New Jersey traffic South. Hey, Princeton. We have Edgehill Street closed off between Mercer Street. Andrew chose six. With Fire department working on an issue. It's also gonna be a little rough for you on the turnpike North, pounded eggs have five in Mount Holly, The right lane is closed off. Don't tell Myra Bridge has the drawbridge opening completed traffic using out of 73 by the bridge. 42 South bound little busy right by 55 accident off to the shoulder, but it looks like a car is flipped over. So just watch for delays of 42 South Edward 55 traffic every 15 minutes. Next report. Add 3 33 am New Jersey one a 1.5. Dennis and Judy. Your workday best friends for over 20 years on New Jersey one a 1.5. Before you drive the all new Nissan Rogue. You gotta ask yourself. How rogue are you going to go? We talk and be one with nature in the desert Rogue. Go snowshoeing in Alaska Rogue or take the long way home Just because kind of rogue just a question. But with five available Dr Moments you're sure to find the answer..

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