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Of the Red Lotus letter. Funkaway easy for wealth each week all cover functional topics that can help you improve your life. Sure inspiring stories and always end with three easy to implement funkaway tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes now. Let's get started on the five minutes that could change your life. Hello and welcome to this episode of five minute funkaway. Today we're talking about clocks and their effect on us you know. There's been a lot of talk in the functionality world about whether clocks represent good functionally or not and like most things in life. The definitive answer isn't a yes or no instead. The answer is it depends. It's the exception to the rule to find an instance where a funkaway answer is black and white. It really is There is no clear answer. Except there are some clear. Do's and don'ts and we're gonNA talk about those a little bit later on right now our at home with corona virus and Cova nineteen all around the world. Everybody's kind of in sympathy with one another. It's kind of Nice. You know that were having a a worldly experienced that all our humanity can have some understanding for one another in what we're going through in one of the things about this whole cove in corona virus. Thing is that we are much more aware about time than ever. I mean think about it. We're we're we're told it's going to last this long exit GonNa peak here. It's going to do this then. And there's really no clear time line and so a lot of us are quarantined or rather stay at home orders or these are times where we are very time focused in very aware of the tick tick tick of time so we thought you know if you're at home. I know that I've heard this. My parents tell me they're in their eighties. They really feel confined because they're older in. So many people are feeling so confined right now in a very time aware looking at the clock hearing the tick tick tick that like I was saying in so I thought well what better time to talk about clocks then then now so here we go. Let's talk about The funkaway of clocks and what they mean and And some Doosan dotes for that. So as far as as clocks go many times. It's whether they're good functioning or not really relates to where they're placed now when they're place right and used properly clocks really aren't a big concern in functions way but when they're not that's when trouble begins in general though clocks really aren't considered to be auspicious in functionally because it is representative of the passage of time and when clocks oversized it represents an oversized presence of time in the passing of time and it implies death that's why these oversized clocks that are so popular on design blogs and decorating stores. They actually symbolize death and being under the gun of time. My Mom Brooker hip about a year ago and sadly I know that the rehabilitation nursing home that she was in was very beautiful. Place very nicely decorated. But it just made my skin crawl obt to tell you the truth that just I all. It was a carefully decorated. It was it was clean and all that but The people who own the the nursing home were avid hunters. So as soon as you walked in the front door. There's all these magnificent animals. I'M NOT GONNA call him trophies but there are these magnificent magnificent animals all stuff though the soon as you walk in. There's this symbols of death and I so that bothered me. You walk down the hallway and you see their dining area and they have an enormous Clark so these people can't even be impeach piece as they're eating their meal and without having to stare or eat under the gaze of this enormous clock that I'm sure someone thought was really great decorating and it's just not it was seem just cruel to me when I when I saw it now. A lot of clocks are are actually. I'm going to say they're energetic beings. They're not a being a per se but they haven't energy about them and what's interesting is. There is a lot of connection to clocks. I'll give you a story of that about it. Many clocks are known to stop when someone dies and that happened in my life. My grandmother fought with her sister. My aunt who is named for over a family heirloom clock that was given to their parents and her sister my aunt retain the clock even though their mother had given it to my grandmother and so it painfully reminded my grandmother of the loss of her parents. Every time she'd visit my aunt's home. Were this clock was prominently placed. However when my grandmother died my aunt obviously was still alive but with my grandmother died. The clock stopped at the exact time of death and it never worked again. It's really interesting. How people relate to clocks and relate to two time pieces I know. Many people have written to me about clock. Stoppages when someone's died or there's been upset I know people who only can Wear mechanical watches. That electric watches don't work for them. And so they have to use mechanical ones like the Rolex that is self winding or the type that you actually have to wind. It's fascinating to me. I find absolutely fascinating. Now when we think about funkaway it really requires balance in everything so when a clock is over sized that means there's an oversized emphasis on time. So hey o'clock like these. These big decorator clocks that you see. It made me feel more pressured to do more in the day. Feel like you can't manage your life feel like time is running away from you can even make you feel physically ill just from this pressure all the time you may find that your you have A feeling of pressure all the time and on the other hand there are times when a clock actually can do some good and handle some functions as most severe energies so for instance there are two type of illness energies that we talk about in functionally in once called the five yellow and the other is called the black too and these are a strong energies and when they're together or when you're worried about their influences a chiming or pendulum clock is one of the best ways to wear down their energy that illness energy that they project with that smooth swinging back and forth of a pendulum or clear. Chime ringing out I love pendulum clocks. They are actually some of the best ways to bring movement to a house. That's two still so that makes them a really great activator. So if you've got an old grandfather clock with the pendulum or you've got a ticking clock with the pendulum. These are great for areas. That have illness energy Like the East Corner this year in twenty twenty does it's also good for activating positive energy. Like in the north the northeast corner has a terrific energy for money and income potential for making money through classes and having a a clock chiming there can activate that that energy there. So there's some really nice ways that clocks can be beneficial in function by now. If you WANNA know more about the energies of the year be sure to check out my year of the rat article on my website. You can go there by going to Red Lotus letter dot com forward slash rat and get more details as I'm going to mention some energies In these do's and don'ts that it you might WanNa look a month and see where they are and where they fall on your home because you might want to activate or hold them down so let's talk about some clock. Dues things that you should do clocks do use a pendulum or a chiming clock to activate the six star of networking and benefactors. This can bring windfalls nice financial surprises people out of the blue. That will tell you about an opportunity. Just this is what I would call. Sort of the falling star. Wish upon a falling star just falls into your lap some good news and having a chiming clock or pendulum clock. Wherever that's located that six star in in in this year in twenty twenty it's located in the southeast corner of your home. That's the wool sector. Do use a pendulum chiming clock to activate the one star of opportunity and income this year. That star is in the North East when you have problems with illness. Financial difficulties serious serious problems. Even cancer. Things like this We want to handle those energies and M. Wear them down this year. The these are called the earth stars too in five five yellow to black. I mentioned earlier this year. The five star which is the really serious one is in the east and having a pendulum clock. There will help. Drain that energy. This the East is the star. The oldest son. It's also the star of the family. So we're going to see family disruptions. You're as we have seen This year people are losing loved ones to Cova Job Difficulties or creating crises in families. You know so we really WANNA handle that five star in the East so in the east corner of your home. This is a great place to have a pendulum or chiming clock. And it's also good in the south corner of your home where the two stars that can create problems with everything from relationships to nagging illnesses and nobody needs any illness this year. We've already got one big one on our radar and that is definitely enough. Another do is to make sure that you may that. Your clock is not over size. And that you don't get one of those big giant decorator clocks. I call them because when they will dominate your room. Very important to keep those imbalance. Remember what I was talking about earlier about. We don't WanNa feel overly pressured about time. We're already time conscious enough as it is right Do Hang clocks in hallways in living rooms or in the kitchen Keep them on the smaller side. Don't hang them up too high. Because then that means that they've got a dominance over you. You WanNa have them where they're at a reasonable height not really way high up that that could really put the pressure of time on you. Do make sure that clocks next to the bed or small and not overly bright if their electric you know. Sometimes I've stayed as a guest at a hotel or friends houses in those darn lights are so bright. And you don't sleep. That means that clock is influencing your sleep. Even you can't get rest with that clock so you want to You know look at that clock that you have next to the bed and see if it's too bright and work on that. Do make sure the clocks in the bedroom. Wake you to a pleasant sound that you enjoy chimes or birds or something like that you don't WanNa have a buzzer. That just wakes you up with start that that awful grading and now if you like that and that didn't bother you but you know what I think. It's a lot more pleasant if you could have a clock that wakes you up in a pleasant way to birds chirping or something like that and he has a lot more pleasant now. Let's talk about some clock. Don'ts don't hang a clock too close to the front door where can be viewed at the front door again. This puts pressure on time in. It's also money because the front door represents money and income and opportunity coming to you and that means that you're gonNA always be pressed for money and we don't want that so make sure that you can't see a clock from the front door. Don't hang o'clock in the dining room because this implies death and rushing to eat nobody needs to be rushing as they're enjoying a holiday dinner or maybe hopefully Cova celebration dinner. Maybe you get together with your whole family and just have a big meal together to celebrate once. It's all over but you don't WanNa clock in the in the dining room so take that out of there again. Don't hang those oversize.

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