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And i agree. This is a result of a policy. That is containment when it comes to the hamas ruling over the gaza strip says israel needs to help with rebuilding in gaza for the benefit of the two million palestinians. Living there but also to prove that hamas doesn't really look out for their best interests if the international community if the united states is president biden said come in reconstruct build futures and homes. What the hamas have never done in the fourteen years that they've will bear a rule to terrorize israel. This could bring a different future. The details of the ceasefire agreement are still unclear. Hamas says it received guarantees that israel will change its policies in east jerusalem and the among sc. Israeli officials say that is not true but without any long-term ceasefire arrangements. It's hard to see how the two sides don't end up in another round of violence in the not too distant future for the world are real. Oh saran in tel-aviv. The tokyo summer olympics are inching closer and calls for cancelling them are getting louder but calling off. The world's biggest party isn't just a matter of updating and yvette the world's bianca hillier explains there's a laundry list of groups involved in organizing this summer's olympics the international olympic committee. The japanese olympic committee the tokyo organizing committee and the japanese government..

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