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Vincent price took the cardboard cutout this he's like he he he didn't pay me money he gave me this like this this is a big thing so vincent price like this so here's what here's what he did vincent price took this this payment that michael jackson seemed thought it was suitable that vincent price should get for the work he did on thriller he so he gives them this cardboard cutout of himself so vincent price takes it he puts it in the hallway of his house and put candles all around it and made it into a shrine and whenever anybody came in to visit vincent price they had to pay tribute to the michael jackson shrine this a true story from the mouth of his from the from the mouth of his daughter victoria a fantastic story what am i yeah go ahead number two sledgehammer peter gabriel classic yup number three hungry like the wolf duran duran another great one these are all legendary by a personal favorite freeze rains jay got yeah yeah well you gotta have to michael jackson videos in the top five how about the one that introduced to the milwaukee billie jean billie jean i will mention land of confusion genesis we claymation figure with the puppets spitting image puppets yeah okay all right john thanks man there you go land of confusion they had the there was a show dan do you remember land of confusion video genesis video i do not it was they had their should political puppet show with these sort of distorted weird looking puppets yeah in britain it was called spitting image and they hired those guys to make puppets of genesis and of reagan and of you know and the nets what the video was it was the spitting image puppets desserts a pretty classic video and they've got a very distinct look like you know as soon as you see the pumps like all that set from that british puppet show and that was considered a pretty a pretty much a classic i'm glad you mentioned hungry like the wolf that video rules although i gotta say i prefer rio but yeah hungry like the wolf is classic sledge.

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