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That with the exception of call me when When you're in the playoffs call when you're tampa bay buccaneer. it's okay. But if he said that at the time call me. Call me when you're tampa bay. Buccaneer tom we'd been like yeah right. Okay and super bowl back here on the rich eisen show eight for four to a four rich so you know one of the rules changes. We talked about yesterday. We talked about jim. We talked about yesterday. Is your now allowed to wear single digits if you're a wide receiver or running back not just that though you can wear. If you're a linebacker or defensive back you could wear any number from one to forty nine one to To sixty if you're linebacker and defensive back you could wear defensive back number of your linebacker you could wear. Yeah a linebacker number. If you're a defensive back and defensive acts one forty nine now now you know. Who's not happy about that. Tom brady right. Tom brady. Tom brady posted the jersey stuff on his instagram. And said good luck trying to block the right people now going to make a lot of bad football about that interesting. Take nice get off my lawn. Take i mean. I don't think it's get off my lawn. I don't think it's get off my lawn at all. It's going to take some adjustment. Now they'll be film. Study where you're going to have to know number. Twenty five is really linebacker. So right you need to. And i think you'll be able to see who that person is. From the line of scrimmage a little you know that looks larger than a linebacker it might take a couple of couple of weeks for somebody to get get used to the fact that don't look for the number look for the body type. Look for the face through the helmet right or study your ass a little bit harder and film and know that twenty five that you don't think you have to block because you think he's a corner based on his number is really a linebacker and look out look out below. This is going to be difficult in the booth to. I've got to imagine some. Yeah play guys are going to take time. You might call watson winston and winston watson for an entire quarter and have twitter blow up at you and have your wife texture saying what is your problem. Also wondering from me. I'm wondering how prevalent the jersey number change. It's going to be for next year because of the rule that you have to buy out the remaining inventory of your jersey. That's for sale before you're able to change so i got a feeling to be a lot of college. You know the new players. The rookies might have might be able to take advantage of this. But you know. So they're making derrick henry. He wants to switch back to number two from twenty two. He's going to have to buy out the remaining twenty two henry inventory before he can make the switch which is going to cost them money. So that's the deal that they made with nike. Who all somebody's got gotta buy it up. You got to buy it out before he can make the change. That's why i think we'll bron. James was going to switch back to six right and he didn't do that for this year because of the jersey inventory. Yeah we're always gotta do is just like make one short with bugs bunny and that'll cover that exactly. It's it's it's his money. It's not my money exactly doesn't want to spend it on mold jersey so all the fans what do you tell you. Tell nike. stop making my jersey now yet. now you say. Don't make any more twenty twenty-eight don't make anymore thirty two. Because i went because i'm going to switch switch for this so know about he pretty much. I you know. I understand that you know. The derrick henry is making a nice coin. But why would you wanna. Why would you wanna make nike richer. Just because you're wanting to. I want to wear a different number you know. I mean somebody yachts can they water ski behind there in oregon. Screw that some guys are in college now. You tell them now read stop making my jersey right and then they might run out of inventory in the middle of week. Eleven and then then what like. Is there a little gap between when you. Because you can't make the switch during the middle of the season. I imagine no but you would you have it for the start of this year. You would just buy it all up before. I want to buy it up. I'm not buying it up little then. Wait till two thousand seven hundred twenty one. Twenty twenty two hits. I don't want them to say to me. There's all this surplus because we'll matter. That's what i'm saying like right. Now you're now you're basically tell them right now if you're gonna shut down make the switch for twenty one or twenty two if you make it for twenty twenty one to buy the rest of the inventory if you make it for twenty twenty two. You're all set. Okay so make it for twenty twenty two screw that i feel like we're going to a lot of number changes though. I feel jiang what that's a that's quite a check. You gotta stroke to avion on make. If you're patrick mahomes right year. The top selling jersey. So there ain't no inventory so checks going to be small if you've got to write a check right. There's no inventory. He's the top selling jersey. Nfl that means that all his jerseys are being sold or that. They're all a lot of them are sitting in somewhere house next to the the lost ark by the way that's the way i always think that that's what these these nike and vegas huge warehouse and the there goes the arc. Yeah john clowney wore number seven in college so if he wants to switch back. I'm sure that there might not be a lot of cloudy. You know inventory for the browns now anyway like on our show. What about the closing hawks. Texans all adult stuff got it up. Come on up to buy changed teams. That doesn't make sense because it's on him because some other teams didn't want to resign him. Yeah if you're in the same team it makes sense changed teams pound sand kick rocks and a soul who you just heard carson palmer said. He hopes the bengals draft instead of your march chase. He's sooners mel kiper after him. That's our three on the rich eisen. Show see with up..

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