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I'm your host ncaa ios words were marketing david melton today i have the david dinkins junior and you dave i don't mean to make you blush but are truly allege in when it comes to producing sports you have literally i think work for everyone and most recently i bank two more rings that you have are these unbelievable fights for showtime at just produce the pack l mayweather fight and of course the mcgregor a fight as well um we're on the playbook in is a little different show right we could brag about all your exploits all we won but what this shows about with entrepreneur is finding what you are playbook was and so going back in it could be as far as case western reserve in ohio but you know what is the playbook to successes you went in in your truly an entrepreneur most people don't understand it within the context of big organizations you can be entrepreneurial and i think that really is why i wanted to talk to you because i see you have a certain playbook weather was with you know the big networks espn or here showtime you always have a recipe for success so when i kinda take me back and tell me you know where that starred in in in what those values are in give good advice of people can kind of take from your playbook bless of very interesting way to the phrase it uh i think i've been blessed with a good group colleagues that has formed a team with me over the years there's a lot.

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