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What is it the hotels that they own and all of this stuff, and they say they were saying, well, there's we're going to get into it. Because there's there's a bunch of stuff in there. Also, people who need to mind their own business to examples for you. Yale targets Christians, also NPR. We've got an interesting story because they say climate change is causing more hospital admissions in Florida. But then they interview guy who has like serious illnesses that are unrelated to those things one dude how unplanned the movie was screwed over by social media platforms on its opening weekend. Cutter trying to influence the US and some really odd ways. We're going to discuss that as well. We have a ton of style. Oh my gosh. This is the other great thing. Remember, how I was talking about those knife Benz all over the UK and how I was saying, you know, what you're basically putting up in your advertising to criminals. Hey, come get these knives. Yeah. Guess what happened over the weekend? Yeah, we're gonna we're gonna talk about that as well. Steven Yates will join us and more. I told you that was going to happen. You know, I told you it was and I bet they don't have any cameras. They're seeing who exactly did what if only they had blinked cameras Dana that segue, though, I know says why they pay me the money that they do. All right, folks. When you want to be able to have you can't have is everywhere. I mean, I know his parents we all lie to our children were like I can see even when I'm not there. Now, you actually can get blink cameras motion activated cameras that are wire free that legit can be put absolutely anywhere, and they run onto I so I finally headed by the way, I finally had to change my batteries. I wanna make blink can't one of my blink cameras. This weekend is one of the ones that I have that's in my hallway watching the doors and that and I Finally I had because it notified me. So I had to change the battery that's been like two years or no now it's been a year and a half almost two years. So if you're traveling blink has a life option, meaning using the blink smart. You can check in on watch. What's going on any with three or smartphone app from.

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