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Of cool. That was when he played for the Hornets. I guess it was after he'd retired forgotten is a few years that he was still around in the area. So she's got a cool thing Robert Parish walking around in the parking lot said do you know, Bob sack seven twenty eight. Now, we're going to give away tickets to the ACC championship coming up after the news back to John Stokes. A so called sex store. Ring busted in the pal meadow state prison inmates, they say targeting US soldiers. More than a dozen arrests made with hundreds of victims, Rachel Sutherland with more. Prosecutors in South Carolina, say more than four hundred servicemembers are scammed out of five hundred sixty thousand dollars the naval criminal investigative service says a scheme went like this prisoners would using illegal cell phones, sin nude pictures of girls to servicemembers later. Someone would contact them posing as a girl's father and demanded money. Prosecutors said accomplices on the outside with monitor the money and send it back to the prisoners missing Rutherford county teen has been found safe in Tacoma, Oklahoma, the NPR's thirteen. Aubrey Accre was with Twenty-three-year-old. Jacob Garcia Albuquerque. Gardenias now facing charges agree was reported missing. After she got into a vehicle with an unidentified person back on Monday in the Moore's borough area. Investigators meanwhile, believe a body found the Robertson county is thirteen year old girl kidnapped from her Lumberton home three weeks ago, say preliminary ten show the body found Tuesday, ten miles where she was abducted on the they're waiting positive ID and on topsy results special counsel's office is former Trump campaign manager. Paul Manafort is violators. Plea deal by lying to investigators in Catherine Herridge reports President Trump may be considering giving Manafort a break during an Oval Office interview. President Trump told the New York Post he has not ruled out a pardon for former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, quote, it was never discussed. But I wouldn't take it off the table. Why would I take it off the table? The president said a status hearing for the Manafort case is now scheduled for Friday in Washington now WBZ traffic, here's Nikki Haley, heavy delays due to an. An accident. Southbound seventy seven at clanton you've.

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