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And local the the article specialists duty as are I just wanted to pass along an update on the Camry Cameron peak. Fire? This has popped up in the Fort Collins Colorado in just about a half hour ago. headline kind of says it all cameron peak fire crews make good progress during very cloudy day yesterday. The weather certainly helped in those efforts as piece by Sarah Kyle again from the Fort Collins Colorado and cloudy conditions hampered visibility and kept crews from using aircraft to fight the cameron peak fire Sunday. But firefighters continued to make good progress on several areas of the fire the incident command team shared late Sunday night. Now, updated measurements for the fire, not yet available as when this article was first published at seven twenty this morning as of measurements taken late Saturday and shared by the incident. Command, and as we told you earlier this morning, the Cameron peak fire had grown to two hundred and three, thousand, two, hundred and fifty, three acres and was sixty two percent contained as of Sunday evening one, thousand, four, hundred, and sixty four personnel were working on the fire and God bless each and every one of them such a huge Grad of debt debt of gratitude. Now larimer, county sheriff's office has assembled a ten damage assessment teams to tally. The damage of the Cameron peak fires most recent runs this according to Sheriff Justin Smith Larimer County Sheriff a Justin Smith writing facebook post early this morning the teams will document the damage and lost homes and cabins in the burn area. Smith. Said last I heard we hope to be fielding teams again, starting today and the sheriff's Office will notify home mine own homeowners in those affected areas when those assessments indeed are done. Now, one of the areas identified by Cameron, peak fire officials in a facebook post late Sunday night was the upper portion of the retreat and storm. Mountain. Here's what they wrote. Firefighters can. The fire continues to back down fire officials are scouting for opportunities to create a fire line from the retreat to storm mountain to protect a values at risk a post from the Glenhaven area volunteer fire department offered more details on firefighters efforts in that area. The Post says the cool cloudy weather kept the fire from growing much today and allowed us to work on some of the remaining hotspots we also worked. On more sprinkler installations according to the Glen Haven, Volunteer Fire Department post the fire quote had passed through the western edge of Bulwark Ridge drive and down along Miller fork road above an into fishermans lane fire had also burned down from above on copper. Hill road from the Miller fork intersection down to the Fishermans Lane areas. Some structures sadly were lost again, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office is conducting the structure assessments to identify those losses and damages, and once again will notify homeowners when those assessments are done posts on to say and the post by the way does not identifying. But the post went on to say I was amazed by the number of homes where fire had burned down all around them yet the phones they homes were not damaged could go to the heads up fire mitigation work by those that live in that area you know clearing away brush and debris around their homes. Active fires still present in a drainage that goes east from Copper Hill Road Black Creek drive the Sunday Post said. But as of yesterday it was going uphill and away from the retreat again, there was also active fire on the Bulwark Ridge of signal mountain up above a deserted village. Again, according to this post, which noted that type one team is working on a plan to prevent it from dropping down into the north fork drainage crews also worked Sunday to bolster the fire line this. Along Larimer County Road Forty Four H. Buckhorn road to keep the fire from moving further north and northeast in that area operations. Section chief Paul Dare Mariko said that Sunday crews hope to really have a solid containment line in that area by the end of their Sunday ship shift. There's a lot of values up risk to the north. He said crews also continued their work of building a line around that twenty four hundred acres spot fire that flared up east of Larimer county road. Twenty seven this over the weekend crews had worked overnight on Saturday and got around three quarters of it with direct hand lines and heavy equipment utilizing does irs to get around that spock. They had planned to focus their efforts Sunday on a portion on the northwest side of that spot fire, which by the way that was the spot fire that we actually saw from West loveland on Saturday. Night boy. I'll tell you what it kind of puts things in stark perspective to be sure. But this is where crews weren't able to access overnight on Saturday. So just wanted to update you on the current status as we know it of that camera cameron peak fire eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten KF Kfi Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K..

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