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Four years of that discipline basketball aggressive type plate, especially on the defensive end, it prepared me very well for the NBA. You know, if you had Marvin del, I believe Ron burrough on that team and yourself and you guys took that program to new heights and said, you know, I'm not big on pictures of individuals, but probably my two most iconic pictures that I always enjoy seeing. And I got to hear somewhere in my man cave, but I can't find it right now. If George gervin, iceman, sitting on a block of chair on ice, your picture on the front of sports illustrator would have two hands on through going like that. I have labeled that show them the funk, because it has underarms and all that matter, but that was made by the armor. But a great great thing. Your thoughts on that man. Yeah. Well, I don't have a picture of that. I don't have a photograph. I can't locate. Wow. I find it a lot. And I'm sure if I dug deep enough, I would find it, but I have signs so many. And what really it brings back memories of the fact that the program started a certain way and I never forget we played UCLA at the pit. New selling the pit. I know I'm talking about boy. And that altitude is just enough altitude there isn't it cool. Yeah. Jessica is definitely not the girl you all. Yeah. And you see LA they were this powerhouse team was not like the old UCLA team, so it's still a good thing to keep it down the waves on the team David Greenwood, Roy Hamilton. And we were just these country guards from Arkansas and we played in the pit. We advanced there. We were and we were just we beat them. We were all them like, why don't I say the other words? I went for everyone to like shit on stage from the oldest tip. And we ended up winning that game and went through the final four that year. So Arkansas, those were some great years. I don't think you ever recreate college. Even though I enjoy playing in the NBA, you can always at least I can always say the model of memorable games are still in college. It's not really the MBA, because you play so many games in the NBA, but colleges, you have a little small window in college basketball. Hey, did you listen to this show time with coop? We have sending my grief in the house. Sending this point of the stage. I have something I call poops lightning round. I'm going to give you 5 names, and you tell me as much as little about the names, okay? Okay. This one, Terry Cummings. Aggressive player Hall of Fame, skill set, had he been healthy and played consistently for maybe one team, for ten to 12 years. Hall of Famer, no doubt, tough kid, tough player, love playing with them. You've mentioned already coach Eddie Sutton the late Annie Sutton. Yeah, coach said, very disciplined. He loved his players. He had high expectations for us, and he if you play for coach, you were ready if he had the skill to play in the NBA. He prepared players to play that next level. Now, I play for Pat Riley, my whole year of a couple of other coaches. The pat ride with my main coach, I would love to have played for Don Nelson. He was fun. He was very innovative. He wasn't as flighty as people think. He was a student of the game, young understood the game of basketball. And the understood matchups. And he worked coop. He worked at his highest paid rally work. You all Betty broke in my career. We worked extremely hard and remember back then you could have two practices. And they could be full practices. You had no limits. And then you could have a meeting in between. So we were practiced really hard, have this meeting about the plays and all this different. You know, that might be sitting in there like, I'm tired. Just don't be the basketball. This is who. And then do it again. Practice again. So I can say quick right off the bad memories, the fact Riley used to do that. Practice meeting practice film after a soap. We didn't have the p.m. afterwards. So you all were no, we didn't have that Apple. Kobe Bryant. Coast to coast with the basketball and they plays. It was something to behold and the thing I love about LeBron James that people were look, he is extremely intelligent ball player. But we have intelligent players that didn't share the knowledge with their teammates. He shares knowledge when you call a player set. He knew what play you were in. If that teammate was not in the right position, he said, hey, I need you to hear thereby run this play. He was he was probably the best I have ever seen in the history of the game of basketball that I've seen. But not only understood the game, but also shared that knowledge with his players on the basketball court. That's a great insight that I think people have a tendency to forget about those little aspects, nuances about his game is letting his teammates know. And, you know, you play for some great ones. That was one of Magic Johnson's biggest strengths is about inclusive for the whole team. Everybody been on the same page because it takes teams together everyone achieves more to win basketball games and LeBron definitely definitely has that, okay. Fit was some of your favorite teammates. And give us a little bit of insight on some of them. Well, junior bridgeman, and Harvey catches, we came in, well, they kind of mentor me when I was in Milwaukee Bucks and we did everything together in the road. Good and bad. Just kidding. Also. Hopefully if I bob a study in church and knows that. They really kept me from maybe strain more than I would have. Because they were just all about business being professionals playing bucker. They were pros. They were just professionals. I love playing with bob Lanier because bob was bob was a rebel player at a high had a very high skill level. People in a lot of times feel the love that the basketball player. And you always felt you know how it is and so I could get you open. Don't mind he could get you open. Whatever was guarding you, they would no longer be on you when bob said a pig. Man, I caught some of them hips. I caught 7 hips trying to get around him guarding you. Elbows, whatever it took. To do that, Marcus Johnson was such a skill player. I enjoy playing with Marcus because Marcus was a he wasn't a complimentary player, but he could compliment you. He wasn't trying to try to outshine you because he was good enough to shine out on his own. And he also just fundamentally again fundamentally player his father mills were so good. He was a winner. I just like most of my teammates were winners. I really liked that Paul Presley was one of my great teammates because he could pass the basketball was very smart. He played defense and he didn't care who he got the credit. He just wanted to win ball games. I have some tremendous teammates, ma'am. I have. Thanks for a long time. Dave Meyers. The late day Myers. Yeah. They look good. They were one of my favorite teammates because he did all the dirty work. I watched him every before every practice and after every practice read religiously do his exercises worse back so he could be healthy to play the next ball game..

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