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J follow us on Twitter at W. W. J traffic. And you're 24 hour traffic center. O'Neill, Stevens, W W. J. NewsRadio 9 50 Iraqi weather forecast comes away from the Bill Brown Forward Weather Center. It will be nice. This afternoon is the humidity drops off while the mix of clouds and sunshine high 77 mainly clear tonight on the cool side, low 56 very nice. Tomorrow and Tuesday Sunshine, a few clouds each day. Hi tomorrow 70 Tuesday's high 72 still beautiful in the Wednesday a little bit warmer under sunshine High 78 in a knot It's warm but still nice on Thursday. Clouds and sunshine High 72. This is AKI. Whether me the urologist car Eriksson on VJ news radio 9 50 It is a partly cloudy sky. We're currently at 76 degrees. Traffic and weather together on the Yates Next update to 58. You could always get an update at W W J news, radio dot com Live and local news radio 9 15. W W J. Good afternoon I brought Mason our top stories here at 2 51. Israel will reinstate a strict countrywide lock down this week amid a sovereign surgeon Corona virus Cases. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made that announcement today. National Weather Service is issuing a red flag warning for southwest Oregon on Sunday, citing dry weather and strong, gusty winds. The weather service said that the wind, humidity and fire danger will likely contribute to a significant spread of new and existing fires and ambush. That's how authorities are describing the shooting of two L. A sheriff's deputies. As they were sitting inside there. Police cruiser, the county sheriff's office tweeted out video showing a man coming up to the cruiser and opening fire. Sheriff Alex Villanueva says This is a somber reminder that law enforcement's a dangerous job. Both had a class 4 37. So they just graduated NYU fact ice more than mend office just 14 months ago. These are real people doing a tough job, and it just shows the dangers of the job in the blink of an eye. Those deputies right.

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