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Syria I have. Yes. Please when it got onto cars. We've gone electric. Of course he has to, of course, they can tell you is looking at me like five visit you. I WANNA go out in some sh Okay. Well, that's the I wanna go I WANNA go out and some shit because Daddy's still Eissa play in the dirt. Okay. That's what I think happened. It was just glance. You can say a lot in a glance you really can. You can say everything one thing I have to make clear we forgot to do something and it was important that we forgot. On the documentary bills, I think assistant packs a bag for him. Every time he goes anywhere. It's a humongous bag full of books. Yeah. Because he needs to read all the time looks heaviest. Hooked. So heavy. So Kristen Wiig. Yonsin make bill a bag that says bills book bag. Is it wants to or has he hasn't done it yet. of She just wanted to put out an official invite. That's right and she she's made a few bags for other people over this quarantine. Molly and Klay Cohen beautiful couple friends of ours. She made molly a beautifully decorated love bag with clay on a Subaru jumping over some dirt. One of her many strong suits is back making. Art In general. Yeah. Definitely and she uses pop pain and it's very cute and she like like to send bill bill's is back much to ask where not asking nearly enough in I. Guess we're asking me assistant right bill doesn't give a shit what bag it's handed to him as long as that things packed to the gills with super dense scientific spreadsheets I don't think he'll care he won't care you won't even notice he'll get photographed shit her at see store will blow. I am worried about his back like I want him to wear a backpack. Because I'm nervous about this one shoulder bag. So heavy on his body, but he's so mindful I imagine he has a whole program where he alternates shoulders to keep them equally strains her ten K. Cam. Worried your pretty worried. Aren't you? Very okay. So this is tough. So as we talked about on the Sean Penn, episode? You have had to change your profile to sixty. In you know where I'm going I do how old is he? It's look it up. What would you guess sixty seven he is sixty four. Okay. Okay. So I don't have to go up very much higher. It's not asking a lot because you already at sixty. Yeah I'm happy to go to sixty five. Yeah to include bill, of course. There's a Bill Gates type out there. I want that I think we would have heard of them right? Another Bill Gates tight. Maybe he's just not known yet but will become known in like thirty three or I guess would be one of these other..

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