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Four thirty thirty five eastern Vikings at forty niners. How do we break down this matchup? This one you have to start the quarterbacks here and we know the history with with Kirk cousins and Kyle Shanahan who he played with Kyle Shanahan was Shanahan was the OC and cousins first years in Washington and certainly there were talks talks that cousins would potentially go out there to become the forty niners quarterback when Shanahan got the head coaching job. Now you look at Kirk cousins. Jimmy Garoppolo this season both completed sixty nine point one percent of their passes Jimmy Garoppolo through twenty seven touchdowns cousins twenty six cousins had a total. QBR Fifty eight point eight Garoppolo a QBR of fifty fifty eight point seven. You look at both teams built around the running game play action passing you see a lot of similarities between these two teams but what really stands out for me at him for this Sunday is which offensive line can stop the defensive lines pass. I think that will be the key to this game. We saw in the wildcard playoffs in New Orleans Orleans however soon griffin and Denise Hunter they completely threw the saints off their game without offense early in the game the saints eventually got their footing but I think the the early disruption of drew brees completely threw the saints off base. The forty niners have a similar Impressive pass rush when you look in. Nick Boza Eric. Armstead deforest buckner. I think and as we go through these four-match all kind of give a key for each one. I think that will be the key Saturday afternoon. which offense of line can stop the opposing pass rush? I think I think that's going to be the case again. And who. Who has the advantage? Well I think that look I. It'll be tough for the vikings to be two thirteen win teams on the road. We've never seen that happen in the wild card and the divisional round. It's happened later on in the playoffs. The start a playoff run beating two thirteen win teams. I think the forty niners will do enough to slowdown hunter and Griffin and they'll move on to the NFC championship over there. It is. Wow that's quite a prediction right there. What do you disagree why I think you have to favor? The forty niners. Just think about it like this seven. The Vikings went into New Orleans. Tough physical game Short we travelled very short week. Travel back Have to go to the coast now right and Kyle Shanahan two weeks. That's a problem for anybody. I just think that he's going to be able to move that football. Although I will say I. It's hard as it is physically on. Wildcard Wildcard teams to play that much. I think we've seen an awful lot. Sometimes a team wins in the wild Koran and really gets a lot of momentum and carries it right into the divisional original run. And that's something that every one of these home teams this weekend. I think has to watch out for. I agree completely and especially in the case of team like the Vikings who didn't end the season on the greatest no week sixteen on Monday night football. We saw that disappointing performance against the packers. They sat most of their starters in week. Seventeen so it was only came into the playoffs with a ton of momentum but then they have gained leaned all that momentum with the upset win over the St.. So I agree with you. I think they could become and also keep this in mind. This is Jimmy Garoppolo's first career playoff start as great eight as the forty niners have been all season as impressive has he's been especially later in the season. This is first career playoff start. We know what happens. Sometimes when quarterbacks get onto those bright lights in the postseason choses how he's GonNa play. We have no body of evidence to compare it to so we will find out Saturday. Four thirty five and the Vikings play at San Francisco an early start in the bay area one thirty thirty five Pacific Time that night. We have the titans at the Ravens. Eight fifteen eastern. How do we break down this match? Bevin this'll be fun and I think this is really gives. Is this kind of old school field with this game when you talk about the running games right so the NFL's leading rusher and Derrick Henry who we saw what he did in the wildcard round against the Patriots against the quarterback Lamar Jackson who will win the NFL MVP and broke the record for quarterback rushing yards in a season the ravens led the NFL rushing. The titans were third the teams combined for more than fifty fifty five hundred rushing yards this season. which is crazy so you talk about a key in this game? It'll be who's going to stop the run better. I mean I think that will have a direct effect on. WHO's GonNa win if the titans can go in there and slowdown? Lamar Jackson. Impressive Ravens running. They'll they'll have a chance. I don't know that they can do it though. Yeah you know it's interesting. Is Lamar Jackson. Accent is the MVP of the season but there can we might be the MVP of the past month now the second straight year that he's gotten better stronger as years. Go on and it's almost like a big body running back like that defenders don't want as much of a part of him later. In the year he gets stronger. Everyone gets more tired. And that works the advantage of somebody's big and toughest Derrick mckenry absolutely and and you look at him with yards after contact as well leads the NFL. In addition to the total rushing yards. And as you said tough for him mm to tackle he put up a great performance in the wildcard around. But I think sometimes what people are forgetting. What the Ravens with with all the The the deserved hysteria around Lamar Jackson. That is this defense was third in the NFL. In scoring defense. I remember we talked back before free agency before the two thousand nineteen draft about all the defensive players players at the Ravens lost the dairy Smith and Terrell suggs and Eric Wetland. Cj Moseley well. They've retooled that defense a lot of which is since the the the trade for Marcus. Peters who has really short things up on the back end and that even they blitz a ton fifty four percent of dropbox they're sending a blitz which is by far the highest rate we've seen in the last decade and third and scoring defense that speaks speaks volume so this is a balanced team. There's a reason they won. Fourteen Games Adam Right. It wasn't just on one side of the ball so the titans they beat the Patriots. I think it's GonNa be a tough task for them to go on a Baltimore and win again. I agree with that. I think this Baltimore team has just rolling along. It's it's a great team. They've won twelve straight games. Last time they lost with September twenty ninth. I agree with you. I swear. Tough out for the Tennessee. Titans on Saturday night Baltimore's just rolling right now. What what about on Sunday? Let's shift our attention to Texans at chiefs three. Oh five eastern Sunday. What we make that match up this is going to be a fun game? I think with the Shawn Watson Patrick Mahomes the second career meeting between them. They met earlier this season week. Six when the Texans went in there and one we talked about the similarities between the before that game they continue now now they were born three days apart they have the same number of touchdown passes this season. They were both named to the pro bowl. And we'll talk about key in this game. It's going to be. which team can slow down the opposing quarterback when the play breaks down over the last two seasons they have the most completions and the NFL? When they're under pressure? Mahomes one Watson too so that what is going to be critical in terms of when this play breaks down which defense has a as does a better job of slowing down the quarterback. How much credence do you put into the fact that Houston Houston were able to beat Kansas City earlier in the season? I think because of where the game was the fact that it was at Arrowhead. I put something into it because we know they weren't as good at home this season as they've been in in some years past but that's one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. So the fact that Shawn Watson in only his third year in the NFL was able to go in there and get a win. They put up thirty one points. It should have been more if you remember the game. They dropped the Andre Hopkins and will fuller both had a couple of drops. It could have been touchdown so that was a seven point. Join Gaming could have been much worse so that was a game. The Texans really dominated. I think psychologically when you go into a place that's tough to play. That historically has a great home field advantage having a winner earlier this season. I think it means a lot. You know it's interesting. I don't think it could be completely dismissed. Look Seattle went into Philadelphia early this year And won the game seventeen nine. They go back in the playoffs in seventeen again score. I was wild. Okay so I mean that's that's just how those two teams matched up I know Carson Wentz got hurt on Sunday and that change Dineh but it's the same score twice with two teams right so there has to be something that tells me. The Houston is capable of going in there and playing your gate good game. I'm not telling you that the Texans are GonNa win the game. But they're capable of playing good enough to be competitive and have have a chance to beat the chiefs in Arrow doesn't this feels a little bit like like a chiefs here though just and there's no there's no and and the defense yes much better in the last six games they've given up. They've allowed eleven and a half points per game that's the best in the NFL from week. Eleven to seventeen. Yes yes. It's easy to get wrapped up in Patrick Mahomes and the offense and Kelsey inhale and everybody but this defense and there's no patriots just just feels to me like this might be a year that Andy Reid gets back to the Super Bowl. I don't disagree with that and it sets up a potential. AFC Championship game. That would be unbelievable. Again that's no disrespect to Houston Tennessee. They've had great seasons and they will have a chance this week and they can pull the upset good for them right but we got the. We've the ravens is a heavy favourite. We've got the chiefs heavy favourite. We'll see if the heavy favorites can live up to what Vegas expects of them and set a great AFC championship game all right. The final game aim of divisional playoff weekend Seattle Akron Bay six forty eastern Sunday night. What are we make? Whatever this one you've got the two quarterbacks left left in this playoff that that has some experience as opposed to the six others Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson with nine wins each in their postseason careers. You'll get the six other quarterbacks they've combined for four wins so this there's experience here. They both won super bowls. It's the eighth meeting including the playoffs. Between Wilson Rogers. The home team has won all all seven of the previous meetings. Russell Wilson's never won at Lambeau field. But the thing to counter that Wilson has been great in his career against Super Bowl winners. Fifteen and six against super bowl winning quarterback as the best winning percentage among quarterbacks with at least ten starts in the Super Bowl era so this one the there's is a Lotta great history..

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