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Emmett Emmett, Rape, Emmett discussed on Glenn Beck


Glenn that this response to my tweet from wake me up once once Trump has been impeached. You know, it's coming from. From an open minded source, right? Melissa milano. Glenn Beck is not for truth or Justice a few minutes ago on his radio show. He just compared Brad Kavanagh to Emmett till did I do that. No. You did not. I did not know. That's disgusting. A young black kid accused of rape and brutally killed because of racism and fear. Not comparable. Wait a minute. Hold it. Wait, I didn't compare and I don't compare. But you're saying Emmett till young black kid accused of rape and brutally killed because of racism fear. Well, this is a older white guy. That is also being accused basically of rape. Brennan's career is being killed now. Yes, it's not the same. And I'm not comparing them, but they're both accused of rape. And in the Emmett till this is where I did draw the comparison whenever we just listened to a popular voice, or the voice that is convenient in this case with Emmett till it was a white woman, and the white woman was part of the power, and she was part of the, you know. The system down in the south. They listen to her can you do we have time Sarah to play Emmett Emmett Till's mother. This is what she said right after they killed, and they're they're they're trying to find the the people that were responsible and the accuser a white woman comes out and says he he tried to touch me, and he put his arms around my waist, and and said nasty things to me. She his mother said that wasn't true. But everyone was listening to the white woman who had no evidence juster word. Listen to what? Emmett till smothers said opinion that.

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Emmett Emmett, Rape, Emmett discussed on Glenn Beck

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