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The course i go to the instructor they say well. Yeah if you do you know get this level of score are better on each of your next assignment tasks or whatever then yeah. You're your squeak by with a b. Plus you want and there's all kinds of different scenarios where that works out but the idea is that you can mess up at least to some level in most courses. Not all courses are like. There's some courses have a policy that if you get below sea on any test you can't get a grade any higher than whatever it is and so on but i think most of us just too simple adding up a points are averaging appoints so that you can have weak spots here in strong spot Coverage is out. And you got your beer better in your onto the next step. Now there are some advantages to that because we know that there are things that are out of our control of anyone's control that can affect people. They might be a flood or a fire or an earthquake. They might have medical challenges Epidemic might come up that affects them. There might be certain challenges that they've always had that they really need to work hard to overcome. There could be all just anyone of a variety of things happening. That is forgivable that is not meant as something that should harm us. that shouldn't harm. Students shouldn't keep them from passing. Our course in i you know i guess. Theoretically that is a way to handle those like okay. You know you can have a couple of scores. That aren't so good. That are actually pretty bad. And you can still pass this course. It's okay we can still make it work and you'll get out and can continue on and in pat you on the back in and hope the best for you and be truly sincere in doing that but there are other ways to do that to take care of that problem in so that's part of what i wanna talk about as well but before i do we're going to take a quick break and then we'll be.

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