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Three oh to sports talk seven ninety we are live inside toyota's center which is home to the best team in the nba that would be your houston rockets and holy crap or they're going to put a hurting on the phoenix suns almost also the san antonio spurs they'll do that on sunday for easter the best team in the nba is the worst team in the nba that's what you get tonight at toyota center i mean i i don't know the situation as far as who's playing and who's not tonight last i heard here's my expectations i would not expect chris paul would not expect trevor rees would expect him to get the next up in the rotation of rest and if you didn't watch a golden state last night milwaukee took care of business they are kevin durant gotti checked it so the rockets did still up the number one seed in the west i think the magic numbers now down to two for the number one seed over all that is toronto listen there i've said it for a couple of weeks the one seat is locked up throughout the playoffs and the rockets or or showing you this and i have to say i commend mda in the same way we did with aj hinch for the handling of the roster down the stretch he's finding away the rotate these guys in and out get them rest and tonight i expected to be chris paul and trevor rees getting abreast along with luke bob who still out with the injury and we see james harden and clint capella returned tonight for another blow out what i need to do is find out if lubov mugabe is like close to returning it's sounding like i think they said something i thought i thought today was going to be the day well there's really not the worst team in the nba there's really no point to play anybody with a guy like that it's been out you know you don't you kinda worry about rest a little bit that's fair that's absolutely the only reason i would.

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