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And he immediately pulled out. Chiro Dover Stop Moaning gonophone and he went and stood in the corner and carried on light fluffing himself to stay hot for the next shot and that was the turnabout moment is the second he went caught. The Guy News to pull out and that she would not want him in there anymore right because I'm busy if he says that means emails by altering emails and everything he's An and was on the phone as well in keeping himself and like. Oh they don't even sit next But they didn't even stay. They didn't even talk. They just stopped God and I think the every sort of over randy fourteen year old boy that starting to think that everyone wants their face. Come on threaten whatever should be given McCartan back experience. I see so it's giving people. The false reality of that could happen in a consensual natural experience when actually that is orchestrated orchestrated lately. It's literally choreographed. There's a script and there's nothing wrong with Bela giving someone a fancy but that's what we need that's is the missing link is. We need to be teaching people that this these people are what this is fun to say. This is choreograph. Enjoy your fantasies exploited fantasies. But don't unexpect- Paul Karen to take on the phone salmon penises just because someone whose job it is also did it. That's the missing this. We're not talking. Look into to kids about it and saying so. You're going to start seeing this ship. You're going to start saying this is not real this is not what real sex quote unquote looks like. It's real in terms of the body parts during the thing and if you do find upon you WanNa have sex like that was the flip side which conversation comes in. That's fine if you WANNA I wanNA take on the full salmon's you did you know you do it but don't because you think that you should yeah you know that's my whole point is it's a complicated thing it's never going to go away. They're literally cave paintings with boobs on them. Wasn't it.

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