Benazir Bhutto discussed on The Assassination


A big shot and then in 1995 key moment he joins applaud to bring down benazir bhutto's government and he is responsible for getting the weapons the whole transcript it describes how we agreed to do that and he got hold of fifteen kalashnikovs two rocket launchers and five pistols and he was cold and this is the key point he was cold and then released do bass right call procuring weapons for an attempt to bring down the government was released why on earth would that happening because the state security state the deep state figured he could be useful jehadis provide good information they could produce street power when the state needs it and they could guilty eight useful attributes as long as he was that guy catch and release keep him on his ties it kept tightening from 1995 right up until the police arrested carry seifollah rockstar again in two thousand and seven in connection with the attack on.

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