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I mean, I just watched the first set of that today. I thought how is this guy not made a really deep run yet the French Open because it's all there. Yeah. I think he's been struggling to know what to do with his game to know whether. Struggling to reach a level of comfort with this game. I think he sort of tried to an weapons to it. Autism feel like he has to hit harder than than comes naturally to. But I think yeah, listen to to grandma look the look at the trans in tennis the lost ten years his his natural game. You know, if he can he can make the most of it is is enough. I think to to get him to fulfill his potential to get him to. Sunny grand, slam semifinals possibly finals, given the, you know, they're going to be a winning 's in men's tennis in in years to come and light that I think he's a thinker. Isn't he born a church, and sometimes that can work against bows? I think maybe he's possibly over things over the is, you know, you had a lot of success very early those victories over he beaten adults Weiss didn't any beat Murray. And and it will came. And that was at a time. And there wasn't his next gen you know, he was the first one to come through that everyone. Everyone suddenly panicked. Okay. Finally got a guy that can take over from federal del. Don't worry guys the panic saver. We we've got a guy, and yeah, it was it was before varies even emerged. So there was an awful lot heaped on his shoulders. And I think he's sort of taken all to come to terms with all of that with with how his game fits and how it works. He's been through a lot of coaches as an E Thomas Hansen miles MacLagan. Yeah. He's he's really he's spent a while figuring things out, and I'm so pleased that he's getting that because of a really good time for him. Yeah. I think he's an interesting champ. And also, you mentioned how composed he was that was that was particularly impressive because he he actually said he was feeling quite nervous partly because he he missed the twenty. Sixteen Davis Cup final throwing jury, and it's been playing on his mind for a few weeks because he's actually he's actually carrying a bit of an injury. He went off Cole explained that he's been having since Shanghai. So that was kind of weighing on his mind. But how serious says it's painful, but he, but it's not a problem. I mean to me that sounds like a contradiction. Really? But he he he's playing it down. He says he can play on it for five or six hours. No problem. Yeah. I mean, but it is there, and it has been on his mind. I think it's in the sort of Appalachia area. So yeah, he was nervous today. But he didn't really show it because he was he was exceptional for. Fortunately, he's got more stomach than Solihull Simon or I would never managed to get my win Maron Schiller's Catherine has finally won a match without a wobble. I was waiting for David. Even when he was points against and didn't he just thought we we go here we go. Yeah. And honestly guys love fifteen down. And I think right. It's coming. But luckily, he was so good today. Unfortunately, Sanga is sort of so able to to penetrate him on of the that. I don't think he he felt the jeopardy. The. It's the jeopardy that sends his mind into a spin sends him into the choking spiral is an and I think you have a near enough the cliff edge to start feeling that I think he felt so in control throughout the whole thing that he was never anywhere near the precipice. So yeah, I mean, that's probably doing him to you know, it was because he was so good that he he never got near the precipice. I mean, just completely dominating bullying aggressive go-round Goran Ivanisevic would have approved of what he saw today. I think he just imposed himself on that much. And didn't didn't give Songa the chance to get inspired. And I'm sure Shoko cryan had a had a part to play in that. That was a good strategy. You know, just no nonsense. Big boy, beefy tennis, don't give the crowd anything to get the teeth into well, joker crying. You mentioned him..

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