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They made animal house and finally all these talents come together for caddyshack okay are we have well i have another question for you how much of this was screenwriting how much was auto biographical yeah it's a lot of it is and it's actually autobiography autobiographical of the murray family bill murray his brother brian doyle murray whose bills older brother you know all the murray boys and there were there were nine murray kids they grew up just north of chicago very working class family and in order to pay tuition for jesuit school they caddied during the summers and brian doyle murray one of the three writers on caddyshack he just channeled all of those crazy golf stories from caddying as a teenager into caddyshack he knew you know that that someone could go to the bathroom in the pool and you know they they would have the baby ruth gag that is based on a real event from his life and so you know all these great anecdotes are very autobiographical to the murray's and bill murray was who was a late addition into the cast of the movie you know him adlibbing about golf came very easily most of his lines were written at all he improvised all of them and i i understand that the murray's have caddyshack themed restaurant they do yeah they there was one that just there was one in florida and there was one that just opened outside of chicago so i have not been to it yet but i am going to chicago next week and i plan to stop by and check out the the wings okay let's take we're gonna take a quick break and then we have a caller i ready anyone else i'll take calls if you'd like to speak with us chris national wate caddyshack the making of a hollywood cinderella story you might have questions about caddyshack things you've heard you wonder if they're true or not i bet you christmas real good at caddyshack trivia aren't you.

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