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The. No. That will. The pants. In. But. No. The bone. The key taking. There's only one difference between you and me. Self all can see. I'm kenniston. Without. Song kind of breaks my heart. How come? I know just the idea that she would try the. She wants to be part of something and she's not being led engines because who she is, this is the genius of Jenny Lewis. Is that yes, you can read the song that way, but you can also read the song with an arched eyebrow and say, well, that's exactly how people expect a woman to feel when she hits midlife. You know that I'm just another lady without a baby, but but the way she sings it, the weeds phrased they all say, well, yeah, yeah, maybe not, you know, like maybe not. Maybe that clock is ticking. Maybe that clock is a simulation. You know, maybe it's an external voice that I think is an internal voice and Dolly Parton did the same thing. You know, when she saying dumb blonde, it's not like she really thought she was a dumb blonde. So I think you know, women songwriters often are playing around with the stuff where you know the very moment that we think pathos is going to. Take over. There's like this. Rejection or is this a complexity, you know? Yeah, as we were talking about that song, I was just thinking, I feel like throughout that song, Jenny Lewis is kind of subtly critiquing all of these men around her. And so when she says, I can't be one of the guys, it kind of makes you wonder, why would she wanna be when she sees the way that these men behave? Why would she want to be like them? And it kind of makes me think about another song on the list that I really love, which was number sixteen, mid skis, your best American Girl. Could be. Kiss you. Exposed. So two. Scene. Good

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