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Twenty questions which are the twenty questions we ask them on our website website. They are perfectly capable if they mark anything in the wrong column to realize this is not safe I will get a blood clot and I could die and so they will exclude blue bins where they've actually done research with our. They had a bunch of women take this quiz and St. How many of them got it wrong and decided to give birth control? They didn't give it to them. Just you know questionnaire are and all the women excluded themselves correctly from taking birth control. I would still like to see some physician guidance. Only for if you have Difficulties picking it or if you are obviously fit in any of the no categories then you need to see a provider to deal with that but I absolutely absolutely supported going over the counter and I think the solution is not to not get over the counter for fear of not insurance coverage but rather to mandate insurance coverage via the affordable care act and California has passed an extra law thing if the forcible character is reverse then these contraceptive rights and access are guaranteed that it will continue to be available with no co-pay no deductible as long as it's an FDA approved methods of birth control. And I believe probably five to ten other states have done similarly all the progressive states Washington Oregon Are often in well. Well it strikes me plenty of other over the counter medications. That people don't always exclude themselves from practically. Yes we always say that a tylenol. Aw is far more dangerous than a pack of emergency contraception then thing than a pack of pill. You can't do too much damage with one packet. So so what are the other things that we talk a lot about on. The podcast is a women's executive could have power. So we're we're talking on another series of episodes about the possibility of a woman president and one of the problems. People seem to have an envisioning joining a woman. President is that they don't envision women in executive roles at all We have very few comparatively very few women. CEO's for instance. So I'm wondering wondering if you could talk to to to that piece of what you do of being a CEO and a woman and and a doctor and an how that role in seeing women in those roles is so important. Yes I have heard the phrase and I I believe that Sally Ride. If you can't see it you can't be in certainly unle. Many of us have shattered. Glass ceiling entered areas where others have not been before and we definitely have our male allies and I am thankful for all those that our are allies but being a woman. CEO has absolutely opened my eyes to the continuing ceiling against against us. When I go and pitch I have all these negatives seen against me? I'm a woman I'm a mother. I'm a doctor. I'm over the age of forty five and I see vs all as benefits because I'm over forty five. I've got amazing connections and networks. Because I'm the mother I know how to multitask because I'm a doctor. I know the field inside and out and I will make sure that our customer gets the best care possible and and I think it's really important that we as consumers and we're going to start a movement it's going to be either called full and then female founded female lead our heart heart full and the glasses half full and the sky is at least half full or it's going to be while like growl women on women lead and and we're GonNa have a stamp of approval that says this company is women owned women lead women's founded because I don't know people arch checking when they look at the companies out there that this company is run by this run companies. Run by a guy. This companies run by a guy. Who's a lawyer just wants to make big money? This companies run by a woman who was passionate and just wants to prevent unplanned pregnancies and make woman's life easier and make the world a better place for her our two daughters. Which company do you WANNA patronize? And people are just like going for the cheapest possible option and we are. Prices are very competitive additive. But it may cost more because we have better doctors we have providers that are coming from. UCSF UCLA harbored These kinds of things and But it's a different the five dollars a year. You know or or a couple of dollars there but mainly I want people to look look at the company I'm choosing who is the founder who is the leader and ask for accountability if you own shares of stock look at how many boards awards have women on it and I am perpetually horrified and shocked whenever I get this vote on your stock thing that only one out of ten one out of twenty on t it is their woman representation there and what's beautiful being woman. CEO is that my daughters and those around them all know that so you can be a CEO. What really touched me with my daughter for Had John Wayne at her summer camp where you can dress up in June or July forget in and whatever costuming wanted and she's just us as a CEO so that was really. There's a picture of her. I always wear my Pandya. T T shirt a white skirt and I carry on bag and I was like do you want to carry the combat is like no mommy a dote but she had. She had the shirt that she had this skirt and I was talking to sleep. And she's like mom and giving them business cards hand them out semi camp Camp Counselor and I was like yes. They'll do the perfect target audience. Audience here takes them business cards. And so you know. I love that. She seeing this and knowing this and I love my husband for his support in my family and and everyone anyone out there and they're for anyone contemplating there is a huge community of support for you but it is a hard and long haul and I hope that women realize realized we have the money we have the power and weakened in power more. CEO's if you purposely look for a company run by woman and Support Court that if you have money to donate You can actually help. Fund female founded female lead companies through various organizations that just portfolio or impact acid. And you can actually do it through a nonprofit donation impact assets if you have a donor advised fund or if you just have money and and you can also just do it straight up with your money if you WanNa make money. But sometimes people like doing it through their non profit donations so I think it's really important to get more women. CEO's out there but also more women CEO's found funded and we need more women to invest. Women are really good at donating but they're not investing and we need you to invest in women. There's also she. EEO Give a shout out for them. And we're you know I believe the minimum vestments like a thousand dollars but there are other platforms where it's I think like Iceland women in like zero dot. Well you have to give something to invest in a woman founded did one in life company. Is there anything else that you wanted to make sure we talk about. Yes I just want If any real listeners WANNA learn more about turning off period and the safety and the science behind it to go to Pandya health dot com slash periods optional and on top is a nicely presented and find some safety on the bottom. Is My tech talk on the science and safety in the middle is if you're on the pill patch ring how to do it and also WanNa give a shout out there. We're GONNA have a black Friday cyber Monday special for those of you who want to check it out. We can deliver again to all fifty states and Lincoln Prescribe in California and Florida and soon to be tecos and soon the entire United States But always happy to answer any questions about periods about reproductive rights and One parole I always like to give Pearl is no that there are four types of emergency agency contraception and two out of the four are better than the one that most people know which is plan B or leaving gesture all generic and those two are the copper..

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