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America, World Health Organization Of World discussed on Dennis Prager


When I give the number of all the virus deaths in America used the World Health Organization of world leaders I look at it every day but the name of the numbers I give or from the World Health Organization and just thought you should know that the eight AM Pacific time David each day that's how it's based back to the happiness our online listing all the things that I've talked about that are still pertinent to today beginning with you have a moral obligation to others to be in a good mood back to me Tanya who's clearly implied that you radiate a good movie so you're not left at your thirty five years old is that correct all right your your okay how many years older we won't save the age how much older than thirty five are you you okay fair enough are you sound young go ahead yeah so I'm not getting my agent okay fair enough okay no problem so you live with him wait so you live with your mom I thank god if you know your happy hour but as I sit here and I'm thinking of all these things that have prepared me without knowing this that I'm so unbelievably grateful I live with my mom I've been working in the film industry for the last ten years and that that's a whole other story in itself but I can get a fine but about a year and a half ago some things that happened with my job and so I do not it's not out of a job for a day but I live with my mom now for probably about ten fifteen years all my siblings are out of the state I'm married and I'm I come from I would trade for it but I feel my family but but I but I grew up in my arms a lot of that but my gratitude is so unbelievable because my mother has never wavered my father passed away when I was nine she had little kids but she still had a rain check over his business and my mother I need to bring it here the best because my mom is just incredible and I feel for people right now who you know don't understand what they have with being with their parents I have never been more grateful to be in court on card stock you know and it's not because we've made a decision between the two of us regardless of how the day continues the news is that we want well I'm just curious do you date right arm I did not hear one single arm do I date I have not seen it because working in the film industry I took a lot of pride in my work and so I didn't I I didn't like the date anybody who I worked with a number of industry because I don't believe there are and then I also did have a personal life because I was an assistant for our different producers and actors into my life literally became so now I've not been in a while and it for the night your available out there yes I'm available right well yeah but if if he doesn't know you're available you're not available so you have been a delight you truly have it's what kept you on that long you know folks I want to make something else clear too that I have said often there are many paths to happiness my path would not have been tailed living with my mother it's nothing against my mom she she was always in a good mood it has it is it's it's not a knock him anyway my mom or my dad or or it but the technique Tonya has worked out her happiness lit living in this situation I don't have any judgment on at the so I I I the happiest hour is about happiness I have other hours in other times to talk to you about optimal conditions and so on and I think she would probably agree to top the morning her siblings are married but it doesn't work out for everybody that way and I I fully acknowledge that fact I would like everybody to get better but I live on earth and on earth not everybody is is probably a candidate for marriage even non candidates should try to get married just just for the record the Dennis Prager show live from the relief actor pain free studio hi this is Dennis Prager the longer I live the more I realize that many people a lot of people really over forty or fifty have aches and pains but can start affecting the way they live the way they sleep or get around you know what I'm talking about Pete and Jeff Talbott the.

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America, World Health Organization Of World discussed on Dennis Prager

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