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And we're the flight attendant serving the passengers food come back to that. We'll come back to that. Let's let's let's be serious for a little bit more before we let this thing. Go off the rails. Yeah. Let's do that. So what was the question again? So what's the next move for war dog? Where does where does it go next? So that was the final nine vote now we're down to eight. So if you're war dog, what is the next piece to take off is it do you go to Lauren next because that's sort of where do you feel like that you can pick Lauren up now and go somewhere else? Well, we saw the preview sort of way where his next move might be which he tells. Ron and Rick. Let's were the three biggest threats. Now, we need to get together. So it seems like his next move was shown in the preview which is going to get the threats together. And they're going to try to pull in other people. My question is how emotional it depends. How emotional some of these people are because Julie being blindsided? It is possible. He she explodes in wants him out. We don't know what's going to happen next. But I think it's going to be to to as the next move is going to be like cleanup. Right. Well, how do you mean clean up? Trying to vote out whatever rival emerges from the emotional aftermath that was this vote. So if Lauren whoever is extremely antiwar dogs because they're pissed that they weren't apart of the Kelly vote might be the next target. Do you disagree? So say one more time. So I think because we've seen people react in big emotional ways. It is possible that someone who is blindsided Julie or Lauren is very angry. And decides to go on an antiwar dog tirade. I think is next move would be to get the people. He made the move with which we see in the preview, Rick and Ron together and try to target someone who is emotional and mad at him after this cleanup. I don't know. Maybe maybe Gavin. I actually maybe Gavin lost. He's the one in the preview talking about how he's really mad at war dog. I mean Gavin has been very under edited this season. A we have no idea how him in Kelly Wentworth got close if he all the sudden told us he has a good relationship with Kelly. He wanted to go after David he was the person that he was talking about being a writer die with that with that six then even after that tribal council where his closer. Ally in our mind. Julia went out he came away from that tribal council starting a new six with Kelly and Lauren war dogs and Iran, Julie. And but now he's he's going to be pissed. He loves Kelly Wentworth. Let's Kelly went worth I think I knew it could be a Gavin vote. What I'm saying is my gosh, I hit this your. What I'm saying is. Yeah, I think it could be a Gavin vote. I think it's going to be whoever is the most emotional and angry against war dogs, which it sounds like in a preview might be Gavin. I think war dogs is going to try to get someone out before they get him out. And I think the person who emerges. We'll be someone who is the aftermath of the Kelly vote. That would be my prediction. What's your prediction? It's interesting. I don't feel like it'll be Lauren. No. I don't think. So either I wonder could it be could it be Aurora? Now could it be Aurora now to get Julie back on board potentially? Yeah. That's smart. If war dog, and Ron and Devon's come to Julie and say, okay, let's take our Aurora this time around. Oh, that's I think the people it. It isn't going to be. I don't think it's going to be Julie. I don't think Ron wants Julie gone. I don't think we're dogs is going to turn on Rick, Iran. I don't think the toria would make any sense..

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