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Four all stars and one team and so that's always the goal for other other people and i think you have to be realistic and what's your chances are to acquire those kind of play uh players uh more importantly it shows you the port how productive the draft can be if your draft the right players the we get so many young players in the league today in that they get a lot of hype and some of them just don't turn out to be what everyone wants them to be an and particularly the people who draft him but in a citation your tail sometime dan um you know you have people to work extremely hard uh in these organizations and uh sometimes they don't get the result say they want and other times that's uh very very important but uh as you mentioned thursday night as time for hope for all these teams haven't done well and uh obviously it's the most exciting time uh to be involved when you have first round draft picks in iran the position maybe grass someone who really like a lot more the someone else likes a that's the fun part of it we're talking to an adviser for the la clippers joining us jim patrick show in by the way golden state debt the phone also stunned get enough credit that you did get steph curry you did take klay thompson you did get draymond green you you made smart draft picks and you know it benefited you i know you get kevin durant but stepping back from this as we move forward are the warriors good for the nba that they're they're that good jerry and that you know it might be predictable that you know they're going back to an nba finals barring an injury well or dan they should go back to the nba finals they don't have anything tragic happen to them at a three yell came right in a right in its prime uh some of these players having garden area uh i think it's great for the nba an really are thank you for you watch how these players conduct themselves a dan it's the most incredible group of yo.

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