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Event, the alpha club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why to Jackson versus the bullet club? Kenny omega Cody Rhodes, mardi stroll. You're only going to see this on the cruise of Jericho. There will be no streaming services only on this ship. If you wanna see the match, you got to come aboard if you wanna see impact versus ring of honor, kicking it off, Sammy Callahan versus mardi skirl that's going to be huge. Live talk is Jericho with Rick. The dragon steamboat live talk is Jericho. Remember Eddie Guerrero with Conan Ramos, stereo junior, live. Talk is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Cody Kenny, Marty, Adam pays young bucks. Live talk is Jericho. Jim Rawson, Jerry the king Lawler killing the town versus keeping it one hundred live debate. Podcast debate Mick Foley doing his twenty years of hell. Stand up show Chris Jericho words of Jericho and the first round of the ring of honor. See about a term announce lethal versus Whitmer Daniels versus Leary's skirl versus Titus. Youngest Gordon other bracket Mark Briscoe versus for our page because Aaron, she's burgers abusively bruiser Jaber ac- overseas caney king. Listen, there's so much live comedy from Brad Williams. Trae gas run funches impractical jokers Noel Foley. So Cal Val so much happening on this cruise. You do not want to miss it. You wanna be part of history. You wanna see some of the greatest matches. You're gonna see some the greatest rock and roll shows and have the best vacation of your life. Good at Chris Jericho, cruise dot com right now and join us make history. There's only one first time ever so go make history was right now. Chris Jericho cruise. Dot com. And let's make history again this Wednesday, as we talk with David Greco and busted open and former deputy world champion, Marquette me talk at all about w e in Madison Square Garden history of Chris Jericho. In that regard, Mark Henry and Madison yard of the company itself. An MSG it is, don't miss can't miss. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome show. So we will see then have a great weekend in the meantime, and in between time stay hungry, stay cool. Peace, love Levin, big. The Westwood One podcast network.

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