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To the Browns. No, no, but they've turned the ball over a bunch of times tonight. You turn the ball over. Mess with the bull. You get the horns, man. All right, Let's go to let's go to Cleveland and talk to Stuart. Stuart, you're up. On CBS Sports Radio store. You're in Cleveland, and you're calling me right now with the Browns are up. 28 Nothing. I'm honored. No, I'm on it. And I appreciate you taking my call. This is the Bronx cannot let their foot off the gas. This is, um I'm just I'm beside myself washing this game. I'm ecstatic. And, uh, Don't have a lot of words to express. Ah, hard feel right now and they can't let their foot off the gas and I appreciate you taking my call, but Yeah, man. I don't know. I just like you said we've been Stuart Stuart. You sound Stuart. You sound like you've been partying already. Like they're moved on to the divisional round already, Man, you sound You sound like you're beside yourself. They've run 12 plays and they're up 28 nothing right now. It's crazy, right? I mean, a man. Things turned around. There's a lot of football love to play. But, man, I'm just I'm beside myself. I don't have a song. Don't have the point that I wanted to make tonight. I can't even the compressed but thank you for taking my call for sure. Brother Stuart. I love that. That's a that's a pure sports talk radio call right there, Right in the middle of a really important sporting event that your teams in You pick up the phone to call me of all people. I've been hard on Cleveland over the last couple of years. I was the one national Media member. Say national media. Maybe I got a national show on the network four hours a week. I'm more of a local media member in Houston who happens have a national show. Not really a national media member. But I am the one person like outside of Cleveland. I know that was I was adamant that Freddie Kitchens is not the guy. I'm telling you. In point, Cleveland People hated that and they hated me. And they would call this show and they'd be so angry and it turns out Freddie. It took a lot of shots of you guys. I say tonight I'm very happy for how this is going. But I warn you, I warn you Somebody who roots for a team that coughed up a 24 nothing lead by halftime. Of a game last year in the playoffs. That just like Stuart said, Or maybe slurred. Keep your foot on the gas pedal. 855 people. That's um It's amazing. You 855 to 1 to four CBS. They've run 12 plays. There are 28 nothing not granted, they gained 100 26 yards in those 12 plays, they're averaging nearly 11 yards of play. But wow! Turnover margin. Three Nothing two fumbles, two picks. And is washed. This is how the Steelers go out this season. There's going to meet need to be some, there already may need to be some serious conversations about been robbed this burger. Let's go to Larry. Larry's right here, my backyard in Houston and let's get Larry and Larry. What's going on, Man. Happy Sunday evening to you, my friend. You know, son. I appreciate you letting me get in, man just watching a little football, said Cleveland doing anything but, you know, I'm calling you about this. Sean watching in the Houston Texas, man, look here. Back in 1996. We watched him all his rollout of Houston with them. Mayflower truck headed to Memphis, Tennessee, right and as a long time native Houstonian man for 10 years Have to just become a stand of football. Just, you know, going with the Titans, or maybe the same? Never the Cowboys and you know I hate them fools, but, um And so we just had. We were like nomads were without football in H town, man. So when Bob McNair came back through man with them Texas back in 2000 and two men, it was one of the most exciting things and all our lives man here in Houston, because we have something that belongs to us again. Now. Here we are 2021. We're watching his son become the jackass out of lead. This. Where would Cal McNair has done to the Houston Texas brand in the last 72 hours is a travesty. We haven't figured out where we haven't got to the bottom of exactly why he's allowed some dude that was a chaplain. Dictate to him. What should go on in that locker room after the travesty That was Bill O'Brien, We got rid of Bill O'Brien because the culture over there was that he was a He was a mean spirited. No one liked him over there. He was somebody that was alright, always honoree, And the fact was that he was the biggest damn loser in the city of Houston. So Karen McMann decides that he's going to go back to that same wail and try to drink some more than old Nast as New England water and he just wants us all the take it If all the reports are indicating that the Texas had Omar Khan on a list, and they had Louis Riddick on their list, and then all of a sudden, Jack Easter Bunny brought his ass back to Cal again, they make out do what he wanted him to do. That's a long time season ticket holder. I hope tell McNair have about his bad a day for the rest of his life if he could possibly have because he's doing something alienated, stand base that has supported him for over 20 almost 20 years. And now he's just gonna just shove somebody down. I thought that we don't want And then he made come back here and get a brief the craft coach like Josh McDaniels are some other Bill. Bella, check disciple. That ain't won nothing or trying to ram that Patricia down my throat again. Now, dog, I can tell you as somebody that loves his money. I will not spend another dime on them. Sore ass Texas they trade discern watching and take that quarterback from us because we waited 15 years against somebody after surviving David Carr and this jackass is over there talking about trading one of the top five quarterbacks into me. You convinced me with that calf And if you're over there, river hoping your mom is sitting there with you. She might want to shake your ass and shake some sense into you and get back is to be asked out our locker room, son. I'm sorry for the rent, but I'm so pissed off that camera man in Texas. I don't know I can't even see straight but our holiday anyway. All right. Christine. Appreciate you, Larry. This and for those of you are wondering that is that's this end of the dish on Watson. Conundrum. That's the Houston end of things while the rest of the league lines up and waits like a bunch of jackals outside the gates of the Houston city limits, waiting to get their greasy palms onto Shawn Watson, and I don't blame you. I would, too. He's great. That's the anger that's happening in the city of Houston over this to Shawn Watson Stories a huge huge story to Shawn Watson, dissatisfied with the Texans may or may not be asking for a trade. At the very least, he's making life very difficult..

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