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Roland out with sixty five runsbattedin ali year ranks among leagueleaders in home runs runsbattedin wants to become becomes qualified it'll be among leagueleaders in batting average in slugging percentage as well tom is takes office the two to bases inside the time is able to take second base is first stolen bases the patriot there's no throwdown to second but now reuters executive third patriots leading by three at a full count to the lefthanded hitting kyle roller amount here's ko he downing he comes set the payoff pitch outside ball four roller draws another walk that is his third walk of the day and it's the second time he's been on base year in game two so this is inning stays alive for the patriots a little while longer the visas will now be loaded for mark bennett causi but that will bring scott catterson the pitching coach bore the barged over his out to the mound avocado precision with that will check the outta town scoreboard again i know the bridge more blue fisher leading the york revolution neat so won them over at the ballpark at harbour yard that's in the top of the sixth and gave one of their double header the that score certainly helping out lancaster if the patriots are able to hold on for this win in the born in the loop fishery will hold onto that game one victory that would be that at least for the next couple of hours like it's there would stay in first place tie with the revolution but it rose would have an opportunity in game two the try to regain a half gave lead gave me in the freedom division bases loaded now with two out for mark bennett causi and the top of the seventh inning patriots leading four two one first pitch the minute causi business loan outside are now other outta town scores the ducts defeated the new britain vis eight to seven they rallied for five on answered runs over the final four innings of the ball game four in the six to tie it and then a run in the bottom of the eighth to win it the one out lifted out towards right over goes carter near the warning track but it's a foul ball land well out of play solo home run from alec spurred to lead off the bottom of the eighth inning put the ducks in front gave them an eight seven victory.

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