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Annually, and presenting that I that gives you cash flow, and I would test that immediately because that could also be a changer where. If you start getting third and then forty percent and then fifty percent, and then eventually the majority to pay a year consumers when they see that calm is sixty dollars. It's eight dollars a month or sixty when Bill Danieli I think a large percentage, I don't know the percentage off the top of my head. But I think a large percentage do that. And I saw that with also fit Bod another accelerate accompany and use a bunch of these are saying when build annually. I would do that. Now, you've got cash flow coming in. So I think that's a good story to tell investors and be cognizant of the fact that when you go out to raise money, it's going to be a three to six month process, and they're going to be looking at your growth each week during it, so when you fire off this you can have to serve two masters one you have to spend half, your time fundraising and the other half you're gonna have to plot out weekly growth and just say over the next call it twenty weeks, we're going to spend this amount and grow this out every week, and you're gonna have to go to your part. Owners and team members and say I need you to hit these exact numbers of growth, you could be off a little bit. But this week we have thousand dollars or actually in your case like five thousand a week or something next week. I wanna have exactly five percent growth. So I wanted to be five thousand two hundred fifty dollars in 'em. MR whatever it is. And just start that trail. Now, they could easily hit it by creating this when build annually number. But if it's going up into the right every Email because I got your Email recently in the update, and you didn't have any of the revenue charts. And I was like, where's the chart because if it is going up like buried like halfway done thing. There was some indication that things were working out. But people are busy you're up against a lot of startups lead with the weekly chart and have the weekly the monthly and the quarterly chart now of some people are gonna look at and go. Oh, Joe from Russia. I remember her. Yeah. Oh, she figured out. I haven't pursued angels yet though. That's my I'm interested to know. Which are the ones that I I mean, obviously, you're any any investor who sees a charming up into the rights gonna take the meeting. That's the thing that founders have to understand. It's very easy to get caught up in, you know, the unfairness of the world or how difficult it is. Or? People want to grow too fast and unhealthy..

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