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You know sometimes you go wild without buying something is hard to find a deal right now in this hot market but that's okay that's okay good question mary's with us in colorado springs mary how are you hi dave thanks for taking my call sure what's up i'm sitting here with my thirteen daughter and she is she loves to bake and she's looking to start a cupcake business and i was just curious curious as to how we go about doing that like what would her first step he get what you would recommend that's fabulous congratulations i love you i've got a friend named cornea and she is nicknamed the bun lady and she started her baking business here in nashville years ago got a little account making all the hamburger buns for mcdonald's so she's done pretty good wow she's done pretty good it's it's worked out good for so yeah you never know that lady lady owned businesses but a little baking where it'll take you hear this it could work out for you so here's what we've got a we've got a whole tool kit called the teen entrepreneur toolkit actually think i got the box lanier do do the teen entrepreneur to kit that and that anthony oneal did our ramsey personalities speaks to teens it's the small business guide for teens and their parents it's a whole box of goodies to teach you how to start and set up the business and how to run it how to price it how to market it how to think about it how to set your goals how to calculate your profits and and then you start looking at you know how much you want to produce and how much you do wanna work because you wanna control that because the big benefit mary for your daughter your daughter's name is what homerun caitlin caitlin okay the big benefit k on is not the amount of money you're gonna make now it's the lessons you're gonna learn why you're making the money so when i was your age i was cutting twenty seven yards and i learned how to keep a learned how to keep a profit.

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