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I think you'll get that. If not I think he gets even better deal like an e in Desmond five years one hundred five years one oh five something like that. He's going to get to twenty million dollars. He's going to get close to kaikal in a corporate deal. He's very similar to Patrick Cockburn where if you're not paying attention. You don't really think about it? You don't really notice? You haven't actually watched him. You don't understand? Yeah. Exactly. And he doesn't in the playoffs as well. Another guy that is that is good in the playoffs. Where does he go? I don't think he he he's out of Houston. Yeah. No. I don't think he wants to stay either. Like, they gave farewell note. Basically, they did they did. And he doesn't stay there. He needs to get paid. So the AL is kind of Al the question for him. Because. Diamondbacks would use them via AJ Pollock replacement, basically. Plus he can play whenever somebody gets hurt, which is imminent and that clubhouse. Yup. You know, what really fix a lot of problems Saint Louis. We talked about them a lot tonight. But they need a guy that can kind of play that one player way from everywhere. Right, right. Yeah. Could play for fiscal year. He could play anywhere for you. And he'll bet to seventy to eighty hit some home runs for you. This could be the angel overspent not over spin. Right. But big contract of the year. They have won every year. Yep. They do. I'll go Saint Louis for the NFL. And I'll go the angels for the AL. Yeah. At pretty much is marquee value for four eight four seventy four seventy five and another guy another team. We talked about him though. But Andrew Miller too easily end up with the angels as well. Yeah. You'll Seattle somebody like that. Yes. Someone like that for around the margin, Texas, Texas is begging for a closer mean. Alexio Gonda isn't going to do it true. And but my mom Gonzalez is worth it. I think we agree on that one. Yeah. On resigned. I have one guy I really wanna head. And then after that it's kind of like a lot like there's a lot of like Charlie mourns out there. There's a lot of Lance lens out there. There's a lot of guys like that. Even like a so there's only two guys here that I really wanna hit that really scream out at me that are similar tomorrow and Gonzalez one's a hitter wants a pitcher one of them my differently. The hitter is Michael Brantley. You took the words right on my mouth. And then Nathan of and Nathan of all the is the pitcher. This is why I love you. So made of all these are gonna get four years sixty million four years sixty five million very similar to. Craig kimbrel. Yeah. His four teammate for five more innings, by the way. Yes. For five mornings. He either goes somewhere in the AL east, Boston and New York will sign him one of the two Texas. The angels the angels. Wouldn't overpay him. I don't think because they have other stupid ideas. Ranger by the way. Yeah. If they give them a boatload of money. Teams in the that could use them the soul the the front runners, obviously Boston where he just was New York is definitely front runner. I think some dark horses in that would be Seattle who would pay them. They could use them. The White Sox another guy I that they would love to have to kind of bridge the gap to kopech in for g Lido and those other guys to get ready in the National League for him. It's the least I think he goes to one of the east teams though, I think either goes Boston, New York or he goes, Atlanta, Washington silly that one of those five teams, I know it's not like a very good like idea that, but I can tell you is money's going to be around four sixty four seventy four for sixty and World Series of EP St. Pierce. Then we'll talk about Michael Brantley perfect World Series MVP Steve Pierce. This is wild to say it is very well. You know? You know, he'll end up on a contender. I think you could see him back in the Red Sox. I think you could easily see him back in the Red Sox. This is all when he thirteen they're not going to blow it up..

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