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The rest of my life thank you I accident lawyer dot com attorney Robert Tony sold very not guarantee here's a look at whether from KFI it's going to be a clear night tonight lows dropping into the forties and fifties sunny again tomorrow little bit cooler highs will be in the low to mid seventies this report is ready by I accident lawyer dot com in the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy back to that crash on the five in Downey it's on the southbound side coming up on the six oh five freeway with the left lane blocked big delays backing up out of Burbank from one if this is just a huge mass especially getting out of the cell labor years very slow drive becomes a single digits B. drive is your approach the scene of the crash now we also are looking at a problem in Whittier this is on the six oh five south better with your Boulevard with a stalled car middle lanes backing you up off of the off of the sixty freeway let's check in with Chris Hayes got the latest at Westminster on the four oh five north right before Westminster it's a truck that stalled in the right lane it's adding to all that slowing backed up from Jeffrey and into corona the ninety when you spell loading up at the fifty five freeway taking your head as you make your way to the seventy one sponsored by I accident lawyer dot com KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean Joe Martinez my first lawyer downplayed it then I called I accident lawyer dot com they got me a million dollars on my first summer cash in a savings for the rest of my life thank you I accident lawyer dot com attorney Robert Tony sold they are not a guarantee when it comes to retirement people often wondered do I have enough to retire on.

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