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One nine. Radio sixty six. It was nice to parallel park again. It was nice to pay for parallel parking again. Nice to see Paul Rosenberg Jake of Mesa. See you. Tommy Lugt our great to see him as well. Nice to hear from you as I n -ticipant doing till six o'clock. It's Kim Jones with you on this sunny, Saturday cold, but sunny, we're making progress if the fans out though here on the fan, and I am delighted to be here. It's been an awfully long time. I don't think I've been on the fan in hosting capacity since October pretty sure I haven't and that would have been with my buddy, Carl banks on those Monday night shows the giants started to win a few games after I was out by the way, JJ and Carl actually got to talk about a few wins. I've been on with Mike, and I've been on with Joe and Evan and I was on once on a Saturday with Evan other than that. I have not been able to talk, and I have a whole lot to say this might remind you a little bit when the hosts come back after Labor Day, and you're like, yeah. That happened in July. But the host wasn't there to talk about it. So it's new for them. Right. That's me right now. But we got a lot to talk about today we will do. So with you on the phones. Someone took the phone number out of this studio. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Tommy just gave me a thumbs up. There was zero confidence behind the glass when I said someone took the phone number. They were like she is going to give a number that starts with one two three. I didn't I got the number. Right. So give me a call. And we'll talk about anything on your mind. Today. I got up, and I had already I have topics galore on my computer. We'll see how many we get to. But I had that already done, of course, and everything and I got on the treadmill a little bit. And I turned on NFL network. My main employer. And it was Super Bowl forty two. And I thought well, this is going to get me through a few minutes here. And it certainly did. And I watch the the end when I get home. Don't tell me how it turned out if you know. It was actually really fun to watch a couple of things stuck out. Oh, and by the way, a hat tip to my buddy, Shaun O'Hara because he tweeted it was on. That's how I knew I didn't find it on my own because I don't usually turn TV on at that hour. But Shaun O'Hara tweeted that it was on. So thank you, Sean. And I watched it and Shaun O'Hara and company by the way stood out because I had a clean pocket to throw from not always we know that not always David Tyree helmet catch, but he had a clean pocket a lot of times. And I thought to myself. I know it's been a while. I know it's been a while. But what could he li- do with a clean pocket? A lot more often than he's had it. My hunch is I could be wrong. My hunch is we're going to find that out this coming season. Because my hunch is the giants will stay with ally. We'll see, but that's my hunch. But that they will continue to fortify an offensive line that should be better. We'll Hernandez, for example, will be better. I believe in his second year than in his rookie year. I think that stands to reason they've got to get better on the right side. Probably with at least a new right tackle. We'll see about the right guard. Jim Brown certainly had his moments after coming over in that trade. Not saying he's a hall of fame guard. I'm saying he had his moments where he played well. So we'll see what they do there. But he li- manning a throw down the seem to Kevin boss. I think it was down the same..

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