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A bulb i know there's a sixty than is a three way what slower than a sixty they make a a ten okay don lemonade on cnn is the refrigerator bulb of bulbs like about five watch to make sure doesn't raise the temperature inside the refrigerator i mean you look at don lemon what are you see you see refrigerator bulb inside the brain did you ever expect this man to give you very tulso truth all right so they got caught on tape and three of them were forced to resign after the russia story story retraction but here's another story that's actually more more amazing the european union slapped google with a record two point seven billion dollar fine for manipulating their search engines they're going after them for an antitrust faction how many years have i alone on the show i alone have been screaming anti trust antitrust antitrust antitrust antitrust i've been telling you google should be hit with an antitrust action in america what why by though he's the interesting question why is trump so soft on google why is true trump that going after the owner of the war the washington post what is name as i don't remember basil's started with the sale site amazon that he bought the washington post and turn it into an anti trump screed why is that company amazon not being broken up under antitrust the question china is why is that the european union that's going after gogel does the majorleague story maybe it will cause trump to do something on this side of the atlantic it's a huge story two point seven billion dollar fine caps a sevenyear antitrust probe did you what i'm saying a sevenyear antitrust probe and the european union says the new rules that they put in place will allow rivals of google to get damages this is what we need in america i've told you there's no possibility for competitors to emerge when you have giants like google or facebook right or amazon if you're suing google eu and forces of just save you a lot of legwork dozens and dozens of companies abroad lawsuits against google eric schmitt eric schmitt eric schmitt what.

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