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But I do think that there ought to be something. Around this medium that he so artfully mastered that he inspired so many people to pick up a Mike and give a try that he helped create these really vibrant communities that inhabit every single one of our clubs in our culture So if you have ideas around that, let me know I do know that it's not going to be extra time and molesting it can't be it shouldn't be it has to be a communal thing and I think one of things that I love about. Listening to Daryl and then I try to do more and maybe don't do enough of because like I go through everything that all of you do out there on a cherry pick things and I see news and and takes in it's what inspires me to build this show in these conversations that we have but I felt that Darryl would shout out anything you know like he might have been listened. To some podcast and nobody has ever heard of you better be damn sure on the show. If you talked about that, he was going to say where it came from and he was GonNa Complement Those folks and I think that's why I think that's why this award fits so well. So give ideas let us know four, one, two, zero, six, zero unless extra time in a Masako dot com. An emotional weekend. But full of joy and should be full of joy. He gave so much and We'll just do what we do now and we'll talk soccer and it's so so terribly unfortunate that this is the way it is, and it sucks because if this year was a different year and that stadium. On. The banks of the Delaware was full of people. Zumra Park I mean and know that we're fans there. But if it was packed to the rafters and the union ran over. TORONTO. FC. And then backed up and ran him over again and then backed up with random over again two more times. One, five, zero against the supporters shield leaders and put themselves in a time I would have been apoplectic. Falling Down and. It was exciting and it wasn't credible in the folks there in view. But what a win this was oil like this was one of those winds where you just it feels it feels like Cathartic in some ways..

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